July 11, 2007

The New Do

Taylor had his 4th hair cut yesterday, and now we can see his face again. We figured he had to be presentable for his cousin's birthday party on Saturday, and his coming up the following weekend. This was his second professional cut by Kim, in the big boy chair and everything! I love not having to try and get scissors close to his head by myself, we'll leave that to the professionals! He loves the fun green car cape and the spray bottle, so that keeps him still enough for Kim to cut his hair. It grows so stinkin' fast, so I am sure we'll be in there again in 6-8 weeks. Here is a picture of the new style.


Trask said...

It's so stinkin' blonde...looks like a cue ball on the sides!

Jill said...

He's such a little doll! I love him forever.

Aunt Michelle said...

I think he looks very handsome...can't wait to see him at his 1st Birthday Party!