September 27, 2007

Suttle Lake Camping Trip 2007

We spent the long Labor Day weekend camping at Suttle Lake in Central Oregon with my side of the family. We go every year, and this year we had the most amazing camp spots ever, right on the gorgeous lake. I think this was my most favorite trip yet! We had a great time with family, eating, playing games, and having fun. We even dodged the fire that was at Mt. Washington, and even got to see the helicopter come and fill his water bucket in the lake, only about 30 yards away from us. That was reallly neat to see, and it gave me goosebumps and made me all teary eyed. The firefighters were working so hard to get that fire under control.
Trask and I learned that Taylor was born to camp! This kid loves the outdoors and all that is outdoors! He and the dirt became one, not even 2 minutes after we were out of the car. He loved the water, loved the sun and loved the dirt most of all, and of course laughing at my cousins!!
I feel so blessed that we share this special spot at Suttle Lake together every year. I am thrilled that Taylor is going to grow up camping here, too, just as I did, and as my mom and aunts did as well. If ya'll don't know about Suttle Lake, you better check it out, but don't steal our campsites!!