October 27, 2007


Today we took Taylor to Spooktacular, at the Jenkins Estate, where Nana works. It was an awesome day outside, the weather was perfect, and Taylor loved every minute of it. We dressed him as a zebra this year. (The cutest zebra I have ever seen, if I can say that). We went on a hay-ride to go pick out a pumpkin, which Taylor did wonderfully at. He has a passion for pumpkin-pickin', and needed to examine each one to make sure he was getting the best one. He was just too cute checking them all out!

After the hay-ride we had some pictures taken and had lunch.
He didn't even seem fazed that his Nana was dressed up as a cat, or that everyone surrounding him had wings or horns or some sort of costume on at all. He finally cracked a smile and did some talking with 2 girls and a mom that we shared a lunch table with. He is such a flirt!

This was a great way to celebrate Halloween and the amazing fall season. This year has been more exciting for the little man, and we are loving every minute of it, and yes, it goes by way too fast!

Love, hugs and prayers to all our loved ones!!

October 25, 2007

Parenting...from a dad's perspective

Just a quick note that Trask just started a blog on parenting, from a dad's perspective. You should check it out when you have a chance at http://thisdadsperspective.blogspot.com. Stay tuned for posts about the essential gear for kids, fun places to go, etc.


October 14, 2007

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Fall is here and we absolutely love it! We set out to get some family pictures and take advantage of the amazing fall colors. Taylor, Trask and I played in the crunchy leaves together and had a great time. Trask and I made Taylor a nice bed of leaves, and Taylor seemed to like the idea of laying around outside, and relaxed awhile on the ground. We are so thankful for such a great day together, with such a beautiful day to boot.