December 31, 2007

Children's Museum

Last Friday Trask and I took Taylor to the Children's Museum in Portland to go and play. This was Taylor's second trip to the museum, and he loved it just as much as he did the first time, if not even more! His Nana and Pampa got us a family membership for the year as a Christmas gift, so we are super excited to go all year long... it really is a great place to go and play, and awesome because it's indoors and it's so rainy this time of year.

Taylor loving the water exhibit

Taylor was really in to the water exhibit at the museum, which was one of his favorites on the first trip, too. (Aside from the stage that he took a giant poop on in front of an audience of parents). He loves to play in the water and we spent the majority of this trip playing in the water and waving at other kids, right up in their faces. He really gets offended if someone doesn't wave back. I guess I do, too!

Trask, Taylor and awesome bull

I did get really excited on this trip because I was talking to another mom while our boys were playing and getting soaking wet and she told me that Taylor looks just like me! I love hearing that because a lot of people just assume that he looks like Trask because he is a boy and he has glasses just like Trask used to. I love hearing that my sweet baby boy looks like me, too! I love it!

Anyway, we hope we can bring others to the museum with us... it's a blast!!


Sara said...

sounds like fun! maybe we can go when I visit later this month! I see you in Taylor a lot! Especially the ornery faces :)

Jill said...

I feel your pain, Shauna! Most people will say they think B has my smile, or he makes some of the same expressions as me, but there have been a few that flat out say he looks nothing like me AT ALL!!! That KILLS me! Even though, in our case, it's pretty much true...the parts of Byron that don't look like Wade, generally look like my dad. Like his elf ears. But he has MY BIG TEETH and MY BIG BONES, so THERE! :) he he! If Ayden doesn't look anything like me, I'm going to trade the kid in.