December 1, 2007

Gingerbread Houses and Snow!

The title seems to be pretty self-explanatory. Trask and I have been running out of things to do here at the house. So we decided last night to decorate gingerbread houses (from a kit!) Taylor enjoyed hanging out by our feet, catching any candy pieces that we dropped. He also liked the frosting. This kid has a sugar-radar that frightens me, he gets this from his dad!! You can admire the craftsmanship and artwork at your leisure.

Also... it's SNOWING!! It's nothing big or exciting, but it's white and fluffy and fun to watch Taylor get excited about. Okay, I get excited about it, too. Here are some pictures of Taylor and Trask checking out the flakes from our back porch.

Trask and Taylor checking out the snow

Taylor - 16 months and 1 week

And finally, it's Civil War today... so let's hear a big "GO DUCKS!!" I know they have one more WIN for the season in them, I just know it!

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