December 13, 2007

It took awhile, but in the end, we got there!

I don't know if everyone knew our seemingly never-ending battle with our dearest Tay-man in trying to get him to sleep through the night... but I think that we're finally there, and he's 16-1/2 months old! So if you ever wondered why we had dark circles and bags under our eyes, we were testy and a touch too sassy, now you will understand why. Our story begins...

Taylor has always had a rough time sleeping through the night, and at about 8 months of age, when Trask and I were both a tad grumpy and sleep-deprived from waking up at least 3 times a night to get the innocent and precious booger back to bed, it was taking a toll. That is when I called upon the advice and wisdom from my dearest family and friends, soliciting their advice, solutions and basically begging for help. The response was astounding (thanks again for all those who helped, you know who you are!!), and we tried a bit of everything. What we found to work was the hardest thing I have had to do as a mom (even including the joys childbirth).

We started to let Taylor cry it out at 8-months old. Enough was enough. I had come to accept the fact that he just wasn't one of those babies everyone loves to tell a sleep-deprived and desperate parent. You know, the stories of a child sleeping through the night starting at 2-3 months old, or sooner, and just not having any sleeping issues. So, needless to say, Taylor was shocked by our new antics, but after about 4-5 nights of letting him cry it out and soothe himself back to sleep, he was sleeping through the night... but not for long. (Imagine some sort of thriller or horror movie music here). Teething started, as well as his first cold, and then Mommy and Daddy turned back into giant suckers! And so we fell back into the same routine with him-- i.e., catering to his every squeak, squawk, whimper, scream and yelp. And we (I should be saying Trask), would get up with the precious baby chunk of an angel, throwing the cry-it-out method to the curb.

Well, we started again in November and you know what, it's been real good! It didn't really take Tay that long to get it figured out, and now he's sleeping great, and so are we. He even has the luxury of having a nature's sound CD playing for him in his room all night, because he is the lightest sleeper, ever. My knee popping as I walk down the hall will wake him up. If he does wake up in the night, we are ignoring him and he usually heads back to sleep within a few minutes. We only get up and take him to our room if it's after 6 AM, and then we let him fall asleep with us, which then he'll usually sleep until about 8 AM, which is what I call "a dream day!" (I can't sleep past 6, usually earlier, ever, so it gives me a bit of quiet time while Tay sleeps and snuggles with Trask, who is loving this while in-between jobs.) Not all mornings are like this, please note, sometimes I get two angry bears coming out of the bedroom (Trask and Taylor). It is then my job to pacify each of them... they can get pretty scary and fierce in the morning.

Anyway, I don't have a current sleeping picture of Taylor, so I am going to stick an old one on here... what an awesome thing it is to have a sleeping child again!!

Always loved napping in his Boppy - we LOVED the Boppy!!

A homecooked meal from Mama can put us all to sleep, or perhaps I was telling him my hopes and dreams and I put him to sleep! Either way, we love a sleeping baby!

Look - he'd even sleep when hanging out with Old Saint Nick - circa December 2006.


Jill said...

So he'd sleep any time unless it was nighttime??? :) heh heh. Byron still wakes up at night, though we have been fortunate with two whole nights without him waking up. That makes us happy.

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize you guys were having such a hard time with Taylor sleeping. I was one of the lucky ones you speak of. I hope all goes well from this moment on. Merry Christmas to you all.