December 1, 2007


So I have become one of those people that I always whine about - people who don't update their blogs (Jill - you know I need to hear about you all the time)!! November came and went and I can't believe I didn't find time to at least do one entry! November was fun and went by so fast. I want to blame a little of the lack of blogging on Taylor though. He broke our camera (he likes to take pictures on his own, and if he sees you with it and you don't share it with him, he freaks) and it was out of commission for awhile, until my Mr. Fix-It husband decided to break it more, in order to fix it. (It worked this time?!?...)

My 25th Birthday

Trask, Taylor and I decided to take a trip to Oceanside the weekend before my birthday to get away and spend some time together at one of our most favorite places in Oregon. We're a storm-lovin' family, and knew there was a storm on the way, so we were looking forward to getting in on the action, but it was so windy there that weekend that I thought we were going to fall off of the cliff, it was insane. They said gusts were reaching 92 MPH, and I believe it, it made me feel like I was 10 pounds the way it was pushing me around. We stayed at the Clifftop Inn in Oceanside, in a cozy little room overlooking the Ocean and the rocks. It was so windy that the toilet had whitecap waves - I was amazed, so of course I had to have Trask come in and check it out! You would be amazed too, if you saw it, or maybe not, but I am easily impressed. Taylor didn't mind the wind at all, and thought it was funny. He loves to be outside so much anyway, so I am not even surprised.

November also brought one of my most favorite holidays - Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, including our health, love and support from our dear friends and awesome family, Johnson's Vapor Bath, quality family time while Trask is between jobs, our faith, having Christmas cards sent and presents finished, and so much more. This Thanksgiving we spent the day at Gail's house with my mom and sister there, too, as well as Taylor's Great Grandparents Phil Sr and Judy from Carson City. It was a special day full of fun, games, food, wine and puppies (Toshi has 6 amazingly sweet pups to play with!). I am already looking forward to next Thanksgiving, as we are spending it with my side of the family, but that means I have more people to fight over Turkey skin with!!

My love goes out to all, I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends, a loving and supportive family, a funny and sweet husband, and my quirky, sassy and giggly little man who really isn't little anymore. More blogging to come, I promise.

Karlie & Taylor - Thanksgiving 2007


Aunt Michelle said...

It's about time you updated this blog. The pictures are fantastic. How Taylor's grown, Trask is as handsome as ever and Shauna's getting thinner every day! Falling snow, gingerbread houses, birthdays, family, friends and much much more. Truly lots to be thankful for! I had an absolutely wonderful day with you today. Love you guys!

Jill said...

Much better, young lady. Now I don't have to nag. Unfortunately, I'm very good at nagging...

Jill said...

By the way, I love the picture of Tay lounging on your sister's lap! That's so cute--he looks like a little superstar. Taylor is to your sis as Byron is to my little sister--in love! :)