December 31, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas

I realized that I posted pictures of Taylor's Christmas on my blog and not his, so I am going to throw a few pictures up on his site so I don't feel like a bad mom.

Taylor had an awesome Christmas, packed with family and friends, toys, wrapping paper, boxes, bags and organized chaos. Taylor's Aunt Karlie and Grammie made Taylor the neatest wooden stick horse, it's too cool! He loves it to pieces. Since he got so much this year, it was a good opportunity to sort all his toys in his room and rearrange everything and make all his toys fit in our 950 square foot apartment. We got everything put away and in order, just how we like it!

We loved having a white Christmas, and now that we know how much Taylor loves the snow, we're going to have to go take him to the mountains to go and play.

Taylor wishes everyone a very happy new year and can't wait to reveal what he and his family have up their sleeves for 2008.

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