December 30, 2008

thank you, Byron + Ayden

Taylor got a surprise in the mail this week and we couldn't be more thrilled. Out of a cute box hopped this cute little sock-eating monster that Taylor has named 'Oh'. This cute little guy is a present from Taylor's best bud Byron and his little brother Ayden, and was made by their babely fox of a mom and my sweet lady friend, Jill. Isn't she amazingly talented?

So... we just wanted to send a big SHOUT OUT to the Koehler Kids for such a wonderful monster, he's a super cute and welcomed addition to our home. Thanks Ayden, Byron and Jill - we love you all!!

Taylor and the parental units

December 29, 2008

holidays 08

Taylor has been a busy guy lately with all the holiday fun that our family has been having.

Despite the fact that Taylor was terrified of Santa this year, Santa didn't hold a grudge, and treated Taylor to a full stocking and some fun goodies under the tree. Taylor is thrilled with the digital camera that Santa brought him, and he's been quite the photographer, documenting everything in his room by making it pose so he can take a picture.

Taylor's wildest dream came true this holiday season - he is the proud owner of a Thomas the Train wooden train set and a train table. (We had high hopes that the tracks would fit on one of his tables, but nope, so of course he needed a train table!). This train set has been a miracle. Once we had a child that ran from toy to toy to toy every five minutes, but Thomas holds his attention for a very long time. The first night he had his train set he was up until eleven playing and refusing to go to bed. Now when he wakes up he asks to play 'Tommy, right now'. Love it!

Our family hopes that the holidays were wonderful for all of our family and friends, and may 2009 bring much happiness, laughter, peace and cookies.

December 18, 2008

conversation with Taylor

I was unloading groceries in the kitchen when Taylor comes up to me and hugs my legs and looks up at me sweetly. I knew he was up to something, and this is the conversation that followed...

Mom: Hi Taylor

Taylor: Hi Mom. Make cookies?

Mom: We can bake cookies, let me finish putting the food away.

Taylor: Oh God!

This kid really loves his cookies.

December 14, 2008

Taylor {hearts} Snow!

It's bitter cold here and it's not warming up anytime soon, and I think that that thrills Taylor! He is especially liking how windy it is, too. It's about 24 degrees outside with a wind chill factor of about 15 degrees. Brrrrr.

He played outside in the snow with Maddie until his cheeks were nice and pink and now is nice and warm, napping in our bed. I guess winter is here, right!?

December 10, 2008

Parents of the Year - Maybe Next Year

I think Trask and I are in denial about Taylor's growth. He has grown over an inch in the past 8 weeks, and I guess we forgot that his feet grow, too. Here's the story...

Taylor and I were shopping at Ross with my sis-in-law, Summer, and we started looking at shoes for McKenna since she had out-grown all of the ones she had. I asked Summer what size she wore and Summer said 8-1/2 or 9. I was shocked. Tay, who is taller than Kenna, wears (or so I thought) an 8. I started laughing at McKenna's adorable, big feet.

And then I felt Taylor's toes in his shoes while he was sitting in the cart. And then I realized I was a DUNCE! His toes were right on the very edge, and he wasn't even standing! Ugh - mean Mommy! So, I told Summer, well, he must be an 8-1/2 then, I will go find him shoes tonight with Trask at Payless or somewhere. Boy, I felt bad for Taylor's poor piggies, no wonder he was always asking to take his shoes off. Duh, Shauna, duh.

So Trask and I took Tay to go get some new shoes. They really have slim pickin's when it comes to boys shoes that aren't dumb. They had nothing in an 8-1/2. Then we had the lady measure his foot to make sure we were doing it right - and we weren't. The kid is in a 9. I failed! So now I am the one with the bigfoot child. I can't wait to tell Summer this, since I was laughing so hard at my niece. (I swear I am a good Auntie!)
But good news, there were 2 decent pairs of shoes in a size 9, and it was BOGO, so extra luck.

Well, off to go cry now as I put away in storage all his awesome size 8 shoes - he had tons.

Taylor, next time your toes are about to pop out of the ends of your shoes, don't just ask for them to come off, slap mom and dad across the face a few times, then we'll get it.

December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting

Yesterday we went to go pick out our Christmas tree - at Plumper Pumpkin Farm, of course, on Old Cornelius Pass Road. We love it there!

This was Taylor's first year WALKING around on his own, with all the freedom in the world. Last year he was in the backpack, but there was no chance we were packing his 37 pounds on our backs!! He was happy to be on foot, helping us find the perfect Christmas tree. (We are a Noble family, both the Noble tree type and just plain noble).

After we found our tree, we sent Trask to go tie it to the roof of the Subaru while Taylor and I played. Taylor went down a 40 foot long tube slide, three times. Please note this is the child that refuses to go down slides at the park. He loved that slide. We also petted some goats, cows, calves, bunnies and looked at the pigs. Taylor loved the cows. As soon as we were done and heading to the car, that's when it started to rain. PERFECT TIMING. Yay. We seem to do this every year.

Taylor decided since he wasn't allowed to carry the saw (such mean parents, huh?!), he would pretend to saw down trees with a stick. This kept him busy for a long time.

We somehow decided it would be fun for Taylor to have some cooled-down hot chocolate on the way home in the car. And there was hardly any left, but Taylor still managed to wear a lot of it on his face! He was a wreck when we got home. Lesson learned. He looks like such a grown up, I can't stand it. Where did our baby go?!

So the tree is up and decorated and we're ready for the holidays. We hope that everyone has a lovely holiday season and that you are blessed in every way.

December 4, 2008

foreman of lemon drop studio

Taylor loves to supervise me while I am working on etsy orders at the desk. He climbs right up and makes himself comfortable, and gives suggestions from time to time. And you know what, sometimes he has good ideas, and other times I don't understand a single word he says.

I had to document his 'help', so here he is, watching me, lounging on the desk, taking up about 95% of the desk. I am thankful he leaves me 5% - he's so generous.

November 27, 2008

{Cousins: Taylor and Rylan}

Taylor got to hang out with his 18 month old cousin Rylan yesterday morning and he loved it. Taylor thinks that he is Rylan's big brother, always showing him how to do things, tattling on him, bossing him around (nicely) and ruffling up Rylan's hair and calling him a 'good boy'. Taylor loves all the attention he gets from Rylan and loves the fact that Rylan laughs at his every move, and copies everything that Taylor does. Who wouldn't love that?!

November 25, 2008

too polite?

Once when Taylor and I were shopping at JoAnns, we were looking at all the goodies next to the line to pay. I stopped and was looking at ribbon (a weakness), so when someone came up behind us to get in line, I told them to go ahead, we were still looking. Taylor must have been paying attention, because now when we are in line (anywhere), whenever someone joins the line behind us, Taylor waves them ahead, saying "go ahead, go ahead." What a gentleman. I will have to teach Taylor selective manners, I suppose.

November 24, 2008

a cousin dinner-date

If Taylor had it his way, he'd spend every waking minute with his cousin McKenna - he loves this girl so much!! When they are together he always has to be touching her in some way, whether he's playing in her curls, holding her hand, yanking her around, tickling her, whatever, he has to touch her at all times. I love how much they love each other. It warms my heart. Here are the cuties dining together in Taylor's room at his table. They are too young for candlelight, but they'll get there. Or is that weird having a candlelit dinner with your cousin? You're right, it just might be too weird. Hooray for cousins!!

(**Note the cloth napkins - very classy!!)

November 19, 2008

growing up

Taylor has recently become very fond of his little gray Caribou backpack, and wants to take it everywhere. This is a special backpack because it used to be my diaper bag when I was his age. He used it last weekend when we stayed in Astoria. It held his blankie, clothes, stuffed animal and other treasures quite nicely. He is always so proud to wear it, and I just think it's so sweet. Looking at this picture today makes it look like he's ready for school though, and that makes me want to sob. Give me time, I am still adjusting to the fact that he can walk and talk. They don't stay babies very long, do they?

November 13, 2008


Wow. I found a few old pictures of Taylor in a file on the computer that somehow strayed from the pack. Enjoy the flashbacks. He has grown and changed so much. And I just know when he wakes up this morning in an hour or so he is going to look even bigger!! Enjoy.

November 3, 2008

Halloween 08

Let me just tell you that this was a very special and fun Halloween! This is the first year Taylor really understood the idea and loved every minute of the entire day. How awesome!

In the morning we read Halloween stories at Styledbaby for story time and had a blast. It's so nice to see the kiddos every Friday, they are a blast. After story time Taylor and I ran a couple errands, nothing that noteworthy. He was dressed up already in his costume though, as a UO Football
Player. It was pouring down rain and I thought his black smudges under his eyes would wash off, but hip-hip hooray for the mascara I used under his eyes, the smudges stayed put! (And it stayed DRY for the trick or treating that evening - yay!).

Trask had been out of town on business for 3 days and came home at about 1:15 in the afternoon on Halloween - Taylor and I were beyond thrilled. Life is not the same when Trask isn't around, let me tell you. When daddy got home we helped him unpack and then carved pumpkins. Well, we didn't carve faces, I guess we just gutted them so we could play with the insides, and I collected the seeds so I could roast them.

We headed over to McKenna and family's neighborhood in Banks a little after 5 to get ready to trick or treat. McKenna was the cutest Little Bo Peep I have ever seen! The kids really got into the trick or treating, it was so much fun to watch them. I was proud of my kidlet's manners and saying thank you after every house. He's such a sweetheart.

Trask and I did make-shift cheap costumes last minute for ourselves, of course. He was Mr. Rogers, and wore my maternity sweater, a dress shirt and tie, and some awesome canvas shoes, and oh, a side-part in his hair. He made a great Mr. Rogers. Wait, he IS Mr. Rogers. Hmmmm. And I was a pirate. I had a bandanna on my head, a striped shirt, and tall argyle socks (argh-yle) and put on some big earrings and a patch, although I couldn't wear the patch for long, it was messing up my vision. I did put on a fake mole for extra points. Does that count?

After trick or treating we played some fun games and munched on goodies - and a good time was had by all!

We hope everyone had a safe, happy Halloween. None of our candy is left, what a great way to start November.

October 27, 2008

Saturday was Spooktacular!!

Saturday was lovely outside and was the perfect day for Spooktacular at Jenkins Estate in Aloha. We went last year, too, and had a blast.

Taylor was pumped to go this year and show off his UO Duck football player costume. I asked if he was excited to get another pumpkin and he told us no. All he wanted to see was the tractor that gives the hayrides.

At Spooktacular we went on the hayride, and picked out a small pumpkin. We ate some food and played some games with Nana, who was working the event. Then it was Taylor's dream come true, Nana went on a tractor ride with him (so he got to ride TWO times) and Trask and I stayed behind and enjoyed 10 quiet minutes to ourselves. Oh yeah, and I got my face painted like a cat, but our camera ran out of memory, so we didn't get a picture of that. (phew!).

Anyway, we can't wait for Halloween on Friday. What is everyone else going to be this year?!

October 26, 2008

he's peeing - in the toilet!

Taylor has shown a real interest in using the big boy potty lately, and not just encouraging us to use it. Today he has wanted to sit on the potty 4 different times, and each time he has gone, too! He loves getting rewarded with goodies, and likes to call Nana and Grammie after each success. And 3 of the 4 times when we took his diaper off so he could go potty, he was dry. I am hoping perhaps we'll be diaper-free during the days by Christmas. Maybe?! Go Taylor, Go! We are so proud of this big boy, obviously, since we're posting his bathroom behavior and activities on the Internet.

Make that five for five - he just did it again!

October 23, 2008

will he ever sleep?

While we were blessed with a wonderful son, a hilarious prankster, a sweetheart of a boy, we were not blessed with a sleeper. That is just how it is. We have been consistent, firm, tried many different things, read many books, established a predictable routine, but truth be told, Taylor still isn't a great sleeper.

How many times has he slept all through the night, you ask. Less than 10, we answer. Yes, less than 10. In 27 months. Jealous? Yeah, I didn't think you would be.

Taylor and I are both feeling sick lately, so that means extra-bad nights, which I totally understand. He feels like poop, can't breathe and keeps coughing and wheezing and snoring - I wouldn't be able to sleep either. Oh wait, we don't get to sleep anyway, that's right.

The poor kidlet came into our room every 20 minutes or so from 10pm until 2am. Trask is more tired than I am, I am guessing, but still, it's so exhausting! I am sure we'll be passing this cold around from family member to family member for awhile, isn't that how it always goes?!

October 22, 2008

looking back

Today Taylor turns 27 months old. He has grown up so much, but I still see him as my little baby boy. I don't think anything will ever change that, even when he's forty. This boy is my heart and my everything. I would be lost without him. To put it simply, my dreams came true the moment I met him.

October 21, 2008

crazy eyes

Yet another picture with Taylor's glasses off, showing off the crazy eyes. That is all. Just wanted to share.


I asked Taylor who he wanted for President and he looked me in the eyes and replied: 'Mommy for President. Mommy Shauna.'

I promise you he thought of this on his own, he doesn't take bribes yet, much to my dismay.

October 16, 2008

he makes us proud

Taylor is dedicated to helping with the energy crisis, and his latest thing is to make sure that all the lights are off if we aren't in that room. We do this anyway, but if I step out of the kitchen to go to the bathroom and come back, he has turned the light off. He's not a waster, no he isn't. I try to explain to him that I was going to be right back in the kitchen but he just looks at me and frankly says, 'Lights off, Mommy, lights off!' Right. I forgot.

October 12, 2008


On Friday we went with my mom and Taylor to the Lakeview Farms pumpkin patch in North Plains and LOVED every second of it. The weather was perfect and fun was had by all! It's just the neatest place. You get to ride a train into the pumpkin patches, and then ride a boat back to the farm. Sharks and dragons jump out of the water and it's just such a fun place.

Taylor helped pick out a pumpkin or two, and thought he was pretty cool wearing his boots. He also loved the petting zoo, giving plenty of love to the kittens, pigs and goats. I was excited to find some great gourds, too.

We'll definitely be back next year - awesome!! Stay tuned for my roasted pumpkin seed recipe - delicious!

October 8, 2008

Taylor's Mischief...

Taylor vs. Burt's Bees Baby Powder

yes, it was a FULL bottle. I just KNEW it was too quiet in his room! Silly boy!

October 7, 2008

first full, understandable sentence

Taylor has been able to put a few words together for awhile now. (It is usually to form demands of one sort or another), but last night while Trask and I were chasing him and tickling him throughout the house he yelled 'Get on the bed!' He ran into our bedroom and climbed onto the chair and hopped on the bed. He knows we always give him huge tickles there and do some jumping and rough-housing, as if it were a wrestling ring. It was so cool to see my little guy say such a big, clear sentence, and of course, it was another demand. Sheesh!

October 6, 2008


We have finally approached one of my favorite phases in a toddler's life - the 'what's this?' phase!!

Taylor needs to know what everything is, and believe it or not, I love it! I love coming up with answers, especially when I don't know what he is pointing to. I am also looking forward to the 'why?' phase... but this will keep me busy for now.

October 5, 2008


So it's really funny when Taylor says 'Snuffy', so of course, we had to make him say it for the camera for the whole world to see and hear. He's a good sport!!

October 1, 2008

you're how old?!

Ask Taylor how old he is and you'll get this answer: 'I twenty-six'. He certainly has aged quickly.

September 30, 2008

his 'smile' face

This is the face we get when we ask Taylor to show us his smile face...

Does he look happy or what?! I love it!

September 29, 2008

Taylor's Sleeping Crew

Here's Taylor's Sleeping Posse. He needs these 3 fellas to join him when he goes to sleep each night. They all have a specific place in his bed and he must have all of them for a splendid night's sleep.

Meet "Meowkie"* the leopard cat, "Roarie"* the bear we found at an antique shop, and "Tay Tay"* his siamese cat puppet. They are pleased to meet you.

*Yes, he named all posse members.

September 26, 2008

Taylor's Eyes

Taylor's eyes are doing great in his bifocals and the doctor was pleased to see how well they are working! So we'll go back in December 19th to check and make sure all is still well. This is really the most wonderful eye doctor, ever!!

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers for Taylor's eyes - I appreciate it more than I could ever say.

Taylor and his crazy eyes!!

times like these...

Taylor has very much been two this past week - lots of tantrums and testing the limits, trying to see what he can get away with. However, it's moments like the ones we had this morning that make everything worthwhile. Taylor and I have been the best of buds today, and he's just been a perfect Little Man. We've wrestled, jumped on the bed, made a blanket fort, sang songs and now we're going to have noodles.

I love him more and more everyday, and I need these sweet moments like this morning to get me through the terrible twos, tantrums and meltdowns.

I love you, Taylor Daniel Rogers, you are my heart.

Best friends forever - Mommy