January 31, 2008

new love

Taylor has a new love - his Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair!! This was most definitely a necessary purchase, as Taylor is getting to the point where he wants to sit by himself, alone, without us there touching him or breathing on him. So, the solution: get him his own chair, which he loves so much. Now we can sit on our chair and couch without him coming up and trying to push us over. Bully.

January 25, 2008

getting bigger

Taylor is 18-months now and it just amazes us how much things have changed in the past year, and even in the past couple months.

I know they grow up fast, but it is still mind-boggling to me. On the car ride home after Taylor's 18-month check up yesterday, I looked in the backseat of our Subaru and saw my little buddy sleeping so soundly, so quietly and peacefully, it hit me all of a sudden that he's not little anymore. I got all choked up and emotional, not sure why, but it was just one of those moments. He looked so sweet and innocent, he had just finished his doctor's appointment and was so brave with his shots and his blood test, I was just a proud mom, I guess. How did we let time go by so fast?! There is no way in my right mind that I would let things fly past me this quick, no way. So as I am looking back at him (don't worry, Trask is driving, so it's okay that I am not watching the road!!), I just wonder if Tay has any ounce of understanding of how much he is truly loved. I hope that with all the hugs and kisses and laughs and tears and books read and artwork mastered that he feels like his mommy and daddy adore him, but it's so much more than that, and I have no idea how to express it any more than we do. I never knew I could love so much.

Enough sappiness, let's give a re-cap of his visit with Dr. D, one of the neatest pediatricians out there:

Taylor weighed in at 28 pounds, 6 ounces (75th percentile), measured a whopping 34-1/2 inches long (95th percentile), and his head blew the chart to smithereens with an impressive 50 centimeters (off the charts, and in Dr. D's words 'he's got a big head, but it's not crazy big.'). So what do we know about Taylor from this visit? He is leaning out and is no longer at the top of the charts for weight. We also learned that he is TALL, and will most likely be tall like his daddy - perhaps not as tall, but face it, as Trask put it, we didn't breed for height (is he calling me short?!). And, we all already knew Taylor had a huge melon for a head - we have the CT scans to prove it, and we can't deny the fact when he is wearing hats for 4-5 year old children, and outgrowing them.

Taylor had to have his iron levels checked at the doctor's office because he doesn't like to eat meat much, so we wanted to make sure he wasn't anemic. He dabbles in the meat-world occasionally, going after meatballs as if they were candy, but not consistently. So the nurse said if he wants to be a vegetarian, he needs to eat lots of iron-rich foods. His iron levels came back okay, he's fine, but he's so picky, so he now gets to take a multi-vitamin with iron, the Flintstones kind, if you were wondering. He's so cute and grown up chewing his purple Barney Rubble, it melts my heart.

I think I have rambled enough for today. I will end with a picture of Taylor wearing Trask's hat. He will only wear it if he puts it on all by himself, and he loves to walk around the house in it. The sad thing is, it almost fits!

January 18, 2008

Pigtails and Crewcuts

Trask took Taylor to get his hair cut today at a place just for kids called 'Pigtails and Crewcuts.' Taylor loved flying in his airplane and eating animal crackers while having his hair cut. Trask said he did awesome, didn't squirm or fuss at all and basically had fun the entire time. This will be our new place to take Taylor since it's right next door to us at The Streets of Tanasbourne. (I love that place!) I can't wait to take him again in a month - this kid's hair grows FAST!

January 15, 2008

climbing and climbing some more

I love that he'll smile for the camera now

Taylor is slowly becoming a billy-goat and thinks that he needs to be climbing things - anything - all of the time. Tay has been excelling at pulling out drawers to make ladders, scaling the couch, walls and whatever will hold still long enough for him to crawl on.

Last night while we were making dinner, Taylor decided to pull out his Tupperware drawer in the kitchen and stand in it, loving the fact that it made him tall enough to peek into the sink. That was very exciting to him. I can't wait until he'll make us dinner.

January 14, 2008

2nd night

Last night in the toddler bed did not go as smoothly as the first night - what a tease that was!

Taylor went to bed at about 9:20 or so, and the fussing began at 1 AM, then again at 1:15, and 1:30 and 1:45 and then at 3:30. The last time I went to check on him, at 3:30, he was in his room crying and crying, and it kind of sounded like he had a bad dream. I guess this because his cry sounded scared. So I ran down the hall to go see him and I see him running towards me with his arms in the air. I picked him up and took him to our room to finish sleeping, that way Trask and I could get some sleep, as well as Taylor. We'll continue working on the big boy bed. It was funny to see Taylor walking around on his own because every other time he would fuss in his new bed and I would check on him, he would just be perched in his bed, sitting up and looking around, acting like his bed was too high to escape from. He finally caught on now and realizes that he can roam. I am sure mischief will be calling his name in the nights to come...

Hopefully tomorrow night goes a bit better. We handled it okay though, just alternating who got up with him to pat his back and rub his forehead back to sleep.

January 13, 2008


Taylor slept in his toddler bed for the first time last night and he did AWESOME!! He stayed in his bed the whole night and woke up at 6:30 this morning. I heard him fussing and grumbling so I went in and Taylor was standing next to his bed, but wanted me to come and get him. It worked out wonderfully. Let's hope that tonight is a repeat, although I hope he goes to bed earlier than he did last night! Just wanted to give everyone an update on Taylor and his new bed.

January 12, 2008

movin' on up!

Taylor's saying 'so long, sucka' to his baby crib, because here comes his brand new big boy bed.

Okay, it's a toddler bed, but that's a step up from a crib on the timeline of 'the big boy', right? He was thrilled when the UPS truck came and left us a huge present. Usually we get excited when the UPS truck gets here and then we all watch with tears in our eyes and a frown in our heart as the neighbors get another cool package delivered to their door. But this time it was our turn!!! The package came to #923, our place! And Taylor couldn't be more excited (me neither, actually!).

We taught Taylor a valuable lesson. You have to find your center and be in a peaceful state before you put together a bed with your spouse and toddler roaming the house. So, to find this said peace, we took Taylor to Dairy Queen and got Peanut Buster Parfaits, for a little reward for doing so well, ahead of time. So after DQ, we then went back home to put the bed together. A task that could potentially ruin Trask and I... one that could have one of us on the couch for a few nights... things have been known to get 'intense.'

We put together Taylor's toddler bed with the help of our manly assistant, Taylor. He loves tools and figuring out how EVERYTHING works and so putting together a bed with directions, screws and screwdrivers was a dream come true for him.

reminding us to use all the pieces

posing with the side-rail - how GQ

We successfully got the bed put together and kept it in the living room for Taylor to check out. He was ready for the mattress and covers and was thrilled to finally get his buns on his bed.

One must always have Big Bird to test out a new bed

Snug as a bug

Now for the transition at night time... wish us luck. We'll keep ya'll posted. Sweet Dreams.

daddy's shoes

Taylor has picked up one of the same fascinations that I have -- shoes! Although, Taylor likes both men's and women's shoes, dirty sneakers or strappy sandals and even a few pair of heels.

We love watching him put them on and try and walk around the house like a grown-up. Usually when he successfully gets a shoe on, he'll get one of my purses and put it on his shoulder and walk around (he is going to hate me for putting this on here when he is older), and then he tries to put my keys in the front door. He definitely looks like he's on his way to go and run some errands. If only we had pedal extenders in the Subaru, then he'd be on his way.

I love that he understands what shoes are for now... putting them on your feet is what you are suppose to do with them - not use them as a weapon, a teething toy or a telephone. He's smart, he's smart!! (or, he's not slow!!). We love you, Taylor, we really, really love you, son.

January 7, 2008

He can ROAR!

Taylor has a new love -- roaring. This boy will roar at anyone who will listen to him. He roars while he plays with dinosaurs, stuffed bears, leopards, etc, and really gets excited when we ask him if he'll roar for us. I like this because I feel like he is doing what I tell him to!