January 15, 2008

climbing and climbing some more

I love that he'll smile for the camera now

Taylor is slowly becoming a billy-goat and thinks that he needs to be climbing things - anything - all of the time. Tay has been excelling at pulling out drawers to make ladders, scaling the couch, walls and whatever will hold still long enough for him to crawl on.

Last night while we were making dinner, Taylor decided to pull out his Tupperware drawer in the kitchen and stand in it, loving the fact that it made him tall enough to peek into the sink. That was very exciting to him. I can't wait until he'll make us dinner.


Aunt Michelle said...

I think Taylor was standing his his Tupperware drawer so he could try and be as tall as his daddy! What I really want to know is who is going to be teaching him how to make dinner?

Sara said...

slowly becoming a billy goat? I can't remember that last time I laughed so hard!

Summer said...

Hi Tay-Bear-

Auntie finally looked at your blog again, and I love all of the cute pictures of you! You have the most precious smile, and your big boy bed is awesome, dude!

Love you,

Aunt Bissy!