January 12, 2008

daddy's shoes

Taylor has picked up one of the same fascinations that I have -- shoes! Although, Taylor likes both men's and women's shoes, dirty sneakers or strappy sandals and even a few pair of heels.

We love watching him put them on and try and walk around the house like a grown-up. Usually when he successfully gets a shoe on, he'll get one of my purses and put it on his shoulder and walk around (he is going to hate me for putting this on here when he is older), and then he tries to put my keys in the front door. He definitely looks like he's on his way to go and run some errands. If only we had pedal extenders in the Subaru, then he'd be on his way.

I love that he understands what shoes are for now... putting them on your feet is what you are suppose to do with them - not use them as a weapon, a teething toy or a telephone. He's smart, he's smart!! (or, he's not slow!!). We love you, Taylor, we really, really love you, son.

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