January 12, 2008

movin' on up!

Taylor's saying 'so long, sucka' to his baby crib, because here comes his brand new big boy bed.

Okay, it's a toddler bed, but that's a step up from a crib on the timeline of 'the big boy', right? He was thrilled when the UPS truck came and left us a huge present. Usually we get excited when the UPS truck gets here and then we all watch with tears in our eyes and a frown in our heart as the neighbors get another cool package delivered to their door. But this time it was our turn!!! The package came to #923, our place! And Taylor couldn't be more excited (me neither, actually!).

We taught Taylor a valuable lesson. You have to find your center and be in a peaceful state before you put together a bed with your spouse and toddler roaming the house. So, to find this said peace, we took Taylor to Dairy Queen and got Peanut Buster Parfaits, for a little reward for doing so well, ahead of time. So after DQ, we then went back home to put the bed together. A task that could potentially ruin Trask and I... one that could have one of us on the couch for a few nights... things have been known to get 'intense.'

We put together Taylor's toddler bed with the help of our manly assistant, Taylor. He loves tools and figuring out how EVERYTHING works and so putting together a bed with directions, screws and screwdrivers was a dream come true for him.

reminding us to use all the pieces

posing with the side-rail - how GQ

We successfully got the bed put together and kept it in the living room for Taylor to check out. He was ready for the mattress and covers and was thrilled to finally get his buns on his bed.

One must always have Big Bird to test out a new bed

Snug as a bug

Now for the transition at night time... wish us luck. We'll keep ya'll posted. Sweet Dreams.

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Aunt Michelle said...

How exciting! Taylor has a "big boy bed"! Kinda sad too to think that he's not a baby anymore. I'm so proud of him and am wishing you all a good nights sleep!