February 27, 2008

a fun morning

I have been letting Taylor make a lot of choices on what he wears each day - most of the time he picks something that I agree with, mainly because I give him 2 options, and I like either of them, it just gets dangerous when he goes through his dresser drawers all willy-nilly and picks and chooses on his own -- yikes.

Anyway, he insisted on wearing his blue hat that my mom knit for his big noggin. As soon as he put the hat on, he decided to act like he was a lot cooler than he really is, and had the funniest attitude. He cracks me up. So, the majority of the morning he's been hanging out in his hat, playing with his socks, which, I must admit looks so boring, but he loves it.

I had to take some pictures of him looking so 'cool' in his hat. I really pray he's not too cool for a nap today, because I am tired!! (And it's only NOON!).

February 24, 2008

time went WHERE?

Where the heck did time run off to? Do you know? If you see it, tell it to SLOW the heck down and let me enjoy my child as a baby!

I have spent the early hours of this morning looking at pictures of Taylor when he was a little thing on the computer, and you know, he's just so big now. I love toddlers, but looking back on some of the precious baby pictures made me realize those were simpler times, for sure.

Just look at my angel baby. I want to show him this picture and prove to him that he did in fact take naps at one point in his life, contrary to his belief that naps seem to be for the weak.

Just a little reminiscing.

February 14, 2008

kissin' cousins

Taylor is really in to kissing lately. He comes at you with his 'kissing face' from about a mile away, so you can mentally prepare for the amazing kiss he is about to plant on your face, or wherever he so chooses, really. Taylor's face gets all scrunched up and his lips are puckered and almost touching his nose, and when he kisses you, he gives a wonderful 'muah' sound, it's just too cute.

Here is a picture of Taylor and McKenna having a moment most cousins have, at some point in their life...

They will hate me later for this...

February 5, 2008

all aboard!

This is one of Taylor's newest loves - his coveted train whistle from his Grammie, kept at her house (thank you, thank you!). Taylor loves to put the entire whistle in his mouth (as if it were a competitive hotdog eating contest [someday son, someday, wait for Mommy to train, too]) and makes the distinct train sound, which brings him much happiness.

The train whistle is really cool, actually, and not as annoying as I thought it would be, besides the fact that Taylor is constantly bringing the slobber-covered whistle up to us, shoving it in our faces and making us make the 'choo-choo' sound, too. Ick. I mean, I love his germs, but when they're that fresh, I would prefer to wait a few minutes and let the whistle dry off a bit! I am glad this is a special toy for Grammie's house, because otherwise I know I would have a hunk of wood being shoved in my face every 5 minutes, and that's just too much for me.