March 31, 2008

sweet face

Taylor and I took advantage of the sunshine and lack of rain and played outside this afternoon when he woke up from his nap. He spent the majority of the time doing two things: {1} trying to ignore me/run from me and the camera and {2}chasing a neighbor's kitty while meowing at the poor dear. Clearly, this kid really has a thing for kitties. After we played we said 'thank you' to the clouds and the sky for not raining on us. As I upload pictures right now I see the dark clouds moving back this way. SO happy we squeezed in 30 minutes of outside time, we both needed it! Now time to clean up the house before Trask gets off work and comes home. What fun we have on Monday afternoons.

Humoring me with one picture where he doesn't ignore me. Please note the sassy/taunting stance.

I know his eyes are closed, but look at this pumpkin. I look at this and wonder how I could have ever been happy before him. Amazing.

I told him one day I'll stop forcing him to take pictures with me, but it won't be soon and to just give in. As you can see, that tactic didn't work either. Should I be offended?!

My true love and little goober, Taylor D.

March 28, 2008

Taylor's Eyes

Just an update about Taylor's crazy eyes [strabismus - same eye condition both Trask and my sister has]. I have been taking him to the eye doctor a lot lately because even after strengthening Taylor's already strong prescription, his left eye is still turning in at times, which shouldn't be happening. When I took him in the doctor saw the same thing and got his eye to turn in not only when Taylor was focusing on something close, but also at a distance, too. His eyes are being curious and mysterious little boogers. So the doctor is at a loss of what to do for now, so we are going to check back in in 6 weeks and see how his eyes are doing, as they were turning in less and less on their own. I am now worried because all this week he has been rubbing his eyes a lot and not wanting to wear his glasses, and his eye has been turning in a lot, so I'll give the doctor a call today just to make sure we don't need to bump his appointment up. At this upcoming appointment we'll see if his eye is still turning in when he focuses near and far and we'll decide whether or not we need to dilate his eyes again and recheck his whole prescription. Surgery may be the only answer, which I am praying is not the case. Anyway, just wanted to give a Mr. Googly Eyes update for all the Taylor Tot fans out there. And PS, if you ever ever need a great pediatric eye doctor (or adult), Dr. Mary DeFrank at the Hillsboro Eye Clinic is AMAZING!!

March 27, 2008

Easter, Easter

Saturday we went to the zoo for a special Easter egg hunt for the kidlets and Taylor had a blast. He had a chance to give Rex the Rabbit a high five and hunt with fellow toddlers for candy in the grass. He had a blast and the weather was PERFECT!

Taylor and Rex go way back, here they are reuniting with a secret handshake.

He was really amazed by Rex's ears... we all were. So tall and proud.

Taylor trying really hard to be patient and wait for the egg hunt to start - 12 minutes is an eternity with a toddler and candy.

The Family.

It's not Easter without a wooden horse ride. Taylor was not pleased by his mother's antics. No one was, really. Sorry.

Taylor has a thing for tractors, especially John Deeres like his Great Grandpa Rogers.

Goats are a kid's best friend.

Sunday we had brunch in Gresham with the family and had a wonderful time, and I am still dreaming of the waffles... yum! Taylor had so much fun with my cousins and Scott's new pug puppy Lily, and now I am so bummed I didn't get a picture! After Gresham we went out to Banks and visited and had dessert with the other side of the family and had an Easter egg hunt for Taylor and McKenna, and they were pros! And I didn't get a picture of them together because they are lightning fast and add sugar and it gets crazy.

Tricky Nana hid the eggs pretty well!

The Easter Bunny left what?! What does a bunny have to do with eggs? This isn't adding up, guys.

Checking out his loot while Nana holds the basket for him and caters to his every desire and whim, as it should be.

Overwhelmed by the sugar that will soon be found inside the plastic eggs. OR, the calm before the storm.

All in all it was a great Easter and I think Taylor is all chocolate-d out for awhile, I hope.

March 21, 2008

earning his keep...

Taylor mops my floors and that earns him free room and board + food + clothes + unconditional love + much much more. He has a great life and I have shiny floors.

March 19, 2008

Thank You, Nana Rose!

A big THANK YOU to Nana Rose in Eugene from Taylor for the surprise that he got in the mail today!! He loves his Easter card and can't wait to get to a toy store and spend his cash. Thank you, thank you, and we all hope to see you very, VERY soon! We love you!!

Hugs and Kisses,

March 18, 2008


Taylor had his first sucker a couple days ago and loved every short-lived second of it. He's just like me and Trask, he started chewing and biting it after 5 seconds, but all ended well and he didn't even get sticky! And the stick was a joy to play with when the candy was gone.
And a side-note about the sucker, it's from Trader Joe's and is organic. That really made me laugh, I had no idea a lollipop could be organic. Shows how much I know! And somehow the word 'organic' makes me feel like it's not candy. How very wrong I am! Just wanted to share...

Mister Cautious

Lately Taylor has been saying 'Oh no...' about everything, whether it's a good thing or not. And when he says it, he draws it out really looooong so it's like this: 'oooooooh, noooooooo' and he really sounds understanding and sympathetic when he says it.

Yesterday at the antique store he said 'oh no' about a puppy he got to pet. Hmmm. And he said 'oh no' when I made him lunch and dinner. Hmmm. When his favorite, Curious George came on TV he said it again. Hmmm. But he also said it when Trask started singing the Bubble Gum song to him last night to get him to calm down and settle in for bed, and Tay's response was a long and very appropriate 'oooooh noooooo'. See, he knows when to use it sometimes!

(We did find out he's more partial to Raffi's Apples and Bananas song now and is so over the Bubble Gum song.)

March 17, 2008

First Hockey Game

Taylor went to his first hockey game last night to see the Winter Hawks at the Memorial Coliseum. (It was also my first hockey game too). This was the their last home game for the regular season and they played the Spokane Chiefs (whom we beat in sudden death face off with a behind the back shot between the legs and past the goalie!) They had the ice tinted green for Saint Patrick's Day and a lot of fans were decked out in their green gear - Taylor included.

Taylor was born to wear this hat - amazing!

Summer, Aaron, McKenna and Phil accompanied us at the game. (Sorry we don't have pictures of the whole group... too much excitement...). It was a fun night and Taylor LOVED every minute of it from doing the wave to eating nachos and soft pretzels to hanging out with his cousin and even enjoying his first ride on the Max light rail. The only thing that he wasn't sure about was when I would jump up and down yelling and getting all excited - he has yet to understand and accept my 'intensity' with sports and other fun things.

He took my banger stick from me and I am still not over it.

We loved the game and can't wait for next season where we'll be going to them much more often now that we know Taylor enjoys them - because we all know if he's not happy none of us really are!!

March 14, 2008

tasty tricks

Taylor isn't always the greatest eater when it comes to eating things that he should have... you know, things that aren't made of sugar... this kid loves ice cream. Anyway, we have a couple tricks up our sleeves for such occasions where Taylor doesn't want a thing to do with eating.

Taylor loves drinking anything from a straw, so I have been making him smoothies (in the Magic Bullet - love it!!) with yogurt and lots and lots of frozen berries (and sometimes we sneak veggies in, too), and then he drinks his smoothie through a neon straw and BAM, he just consumed a day's worth of fruit and he's none the wiser and I can hold my head up high for the moment and actually feel like a good mom!

Taylor also has a little obsession with eggs lately, or more like Egg Beaters because I won't crack eggs unless I absolutely have to ever since I had an awful dream that a baby chick hatched from an egg in my mouth and made me gag... don't ask, okay?! Anyway, he's into eggs, so I sneak in small pieces of turkey in there or cheese and he eats that, too. I'll have to do some veggies in the eggs, too, that'll trick him.

Taylor eating raisins from a mug, and ignoring me... he's a lot like his dad

Basically to get Taylor to eat a good amount of food you have to pretend like it's yours, and not his, and then he'll want tons and tons of bites of 'your' food, thinking he is starving you and gobbling up your grub. Poor naive child, it's your food, it's ME that is tricking YOU.

Just wanted to share a couple secrets. It always pains me to hear of toddlers that eat whatever you put in front of them... kind of like the toddlers that sleep through the night...

That is for another time.

Take care and we love all of you!

March 10, 2008


On Saturday we took Taylor to Stanich's in NE Portland to have burgers with my cousin Justin, in honor of our Grandpa Neff, who loved Stanich's and hung out there quite a bit.

We needed to document Taylor's first visit with a picture, but he wasn't too excited, he wanted to go run since we were outside, of course.

The burgers were great, as always, and it was wonderful to sit down with family and talk about what an awesome Grandpa we had, and we know Grandpa would be so happy to know we had a burger for him!! Thanks for meeting us out there, Justin, I love ya!!

downtown Hillsboro

We went and hung out in downtown Hillsboro yesterday and let Taylor run around and get his extra energy out. (I really enjoy downtown Hillsboro, and am so happy to live where we do). I have been sick the past week, so he's been a little on the antsy side, so it was time to play in the sunshine!

Taylor loved running around the whole Civic Center, and up and down and up and down all of the stairs. I would try to get him to hold still for a second or two for a picture but ended up getting more action shots than still ones, which is great, he had a BLAST.

We tried to teach him how to sniff flowers, which he thought was pretty funny, and did it a few times to humor us, but he'd much rather take the flower I gave him and demolish it by rubbing it into the ground. What a boy he is. Sheesh.