March 10, 2008

downtown Hillsboro

We went and hung out in downtown Hillsboro yesterday and let Taylor run around and get his extra energy out. (I really enjoy downtown Hillsboro, and am so happy to live where we do). I have been sick the past week, so he's been a little on the antsy side, so it was time to play in the sunshine!

Taylor loved running around the whole Civic Center, and up and down and up and down all of the stairs. I would try to get him to hold still for a second or two for a picture but ended up getting more action shots than still ones, which is great, he had a BLAST.

We tried to teach him how to sniff flowers, which he thought was pretty funny, and did it a few times to humor us, but he'd much rather take the flower I gave him and demolish it by rubbing it into the ground. What a boy he is. Sheesh.


Carrie Hutchings said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast....we are still waiting for warm weather here to go hang out outside...maybe this week though, it's supposed to be about 50 all week!

Jill said...

Little goofball! He's so cute, and looks so grown-up with that short haircut!!! Give him fat kisses from me!