March 27, 2008

Easter, Easter

Saturday we went to the zoo for a special Easter egg hunt for the kidlets and Taylor had a blast. He had a chance to give Rex the Rabbit a high five and hunt with fellow toddlers for candy in the grass. He had a blast and the weather was PERFECT!

Taylor and Rex go way back, here they are reuniting with a secret handshake.

He was really amazed by Rex's ears... we all were. So tall and proud.

Taylor trying really hard to be patient and wait for the egg hunt to start - 12 minutes is an eternity with a toddler and candy.

The Family.

It's not Easter without a wooden horse ride. Taylor was not pleased by his mother's antics. No one was, really. Sorry.

Taylor has a thing for tractors, especially John Deeres like his Great Grandpa Rogers.

Goats are a kid's best friend.

Sunday we had brunch in Gresham with the family and had a wonderful time, and I am still dreaming of the waffles... yum! Taylor had so much fun with my cousins and Scott's new pug puppy Lily, and now I am so bummed I didn't get a picture! After Gresham we went out to Banks and visited and had dessert with the other side of the family and had an Easter egg hunt for Taylor and McKenna, and they were pros! And I didn't get a picture of them together because they are lightning fast and add sugar and it gets crazy.

Tricky Nana hid the eggs pretty well!

The Easter Bunny left what?! What does a bunny have to do with eggs? This isn't adding up, guys.

Checking out his loot while Nana holds the basket for him and caters to his every desire and whim, as it should be.

Overwhelmed by the sugar that will soon be found inside the plastic eggs. OR, the calm before the storm.

All in all it was a great Easter and I think Taylor is all chocolate-d out for awhile, I hope.

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Carrie Hutchings said...

Great pictures....Tay is such a cutie!!!