March 17, 2008

First Hockey Game

Taylor went to his first hockey game last night to see the Winter Hawks at the Memorial Coliseum. (It was also my first hockey game too). This was the their last home game for the regular season and they played the Spokane Chiefs (whom we beat in sudden death face off with a behind the back shot between the legs and past the goalie!) They had the ice tinted green for Saint Patrick's Day and a lot of fans were decked out in their green gear - Taylor included.

Taylor was born to wear this hat - amazing!

Summer, Aaron, McKenna and Phil accompanied us at the game. (Sorry we don't have pictures of the whole group... too much excitement...). It was a fun night and Taylor LOVED every minute of it from doing the wave to eating nachos and soft pretzels to hanging out with his cousin and even enjoying his first ride on the Max light rail. The only thing that he wasn't sure about was when I would jump up and down yelling and getting all excited - he has yet to understand and accept my 'intensity' with sports and other fun things.

He took my banger stick from me and I am still not over it.

We loved the game and can't wait for next season where we'll be going to them much more often now that we know Taylor enjoys them - because we all know if he's not happy none of us really are!!

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