March 10, 2008


On Saturday we took Taylor to Stanich's in NE Portland to have burgers with my cousin Justin, in honor of our Grandpa Neff, who loved Stanich's and hung out there quite a bit.

We needed to document Taylor's first visit with a picture, but he wasn't too excited, he wanted to go run since we were outside, of course.

The burgers were great, as always, and it was wonderful to sit down with family and talk about what an awesome Grandpa we had, and we know Grandpa would be so happy to know we had a burger for him!! Thanks for meeting us out there, Justin, I love ya!!

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Jill said...

So, uh, did you have lunch with Grandpa Neff too? It looks like you have your arm around him in that 2nd photo, and your cousin is having a conversation with him! :) Very cute!