March 31, 2008

sweet face

Taylor and I took advantage of the sunshine and lack of rain and played outside this afternoon when he woke up from his nap. He spent the majority of the time doing two things: {1} trying to ignore me/run from me and the camera and {2}chasing a neighbor's kitty while meowing at the poor dear. Clearly, this kid really has a thing for kitties. After we played we said 'thank you' to the clouds and the sky for not raining on us. As I upload pictures right now I see the dark clouds moving back this way. SO happy we squeezed in 30 minutes of outside time, we both needed it! Now time to clean up the house before Trask gets off work and comes home. What fun we have on Monday afternoons.

Humoring me with one picture where he doesn't ignore me. Please note the sassy/taunting stance.

I know his eyes are closed, but look at this pumpkin. I look at this and wonder how I could have ever been happy before him. Amazing.

I told him one day I'll stop forcing him to take pictures with me, but it won't be soon and to just give in. As you can see, that tactic didn't work either. Should I be offended?!

My true love and little goober, Taylor D.


Anonymous said...

Taylor, You're about as cute as a boy can be, hope to see you real soon. Love ya, Papa Greg

Jill said...

What a little man! I love him!

Vonda said...

Oh that picture of him with his eyes closed is just so sweet. It wouldn't be the same if you had caught him with them open....closed is part of the charm. He looks like he is in pure delight about something. Really cute.