March 14, 2008

tasty tricks

Taylor isn't always the greatest eater when it comes to eating things that he should have... you know, things that aren't made of sugar... this kid loves ice cream. Anyway, we have a couple tricks up our sleeves for such occasions where Taylor doesn't want a thing to do with eating.

Taylor loves drinking anything from a straw, so I have been making him smoothies (in the Magic Bullet - love it!!) with yogurt and lots and lots of frozen berries (and sometimes we sneak veggies in, too), and then he drinks his smoothie through a neon straw and BAM, he just consumed a day's worth of fruit and he's none the wiser and I can hold my head up high for the moment and actually feel like a good mom!

Taylor also has a little obsession with eggs lately, or more like Egg Beaters because I won't crack eggs unless I absolutely have to ever since I had an awful dream that a baby chick hatched from an egg in my mouth and made me gag... don't ask, okay?! Anyway, he's into eggs, so I sneak in small pieces of turkey in there or cheese and he eats that, too. I'll have to do some veggies in the eggs, too, that'll trick him.

Taylor eating raisins from a mug, and ignoring me... he's a lot like his dad

Basically to get Taylor to eat a good amount of food you have to pretend like it's yours, and not his, and then he'll want tons and tons of bites of 'your' food, thinking he is starving you and gobbling up your grub. Poor naive child, it's your food, it's ME that is tricking YOU.

Just wanted to share a couple secrets. It always pains me to hear of toddlers that eat whatever you put in front of them... kind of like the toddlers that sleep through the night...

That is for another time.

Take care and we love all of you!


Jill said...

You are so stinkin' funny, Shauna! I don't think I know anyone with such crazy dreams and paranoia's as yours, and don't come across as crazy or weird! That's hard to do! :) You crack me up! And that's a pretty smooth trick with Tator--I have to do the same thing, only with veggies for Byron because he has decided the only veggies he will eat are corn, occasionally broccoli w/ranch, and lettuce with ranch. He likes salad. That's about it! So I do a lot of sneaking things into his yogurt (you'd think he'd notice the peas swimming in his strawberry yogurt...) and smoothies as well :) Oh the things us new mom's will do!!!

Jill said...
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Brenda said...

Luke is also a very picky eater, but he loves mached potatoes. So I add in anything I can to them to get him to eat his veggies. He doesn't have a sweet tooth, he has a sweet mouth. I am going to try the smoothie thing though, great idea. Hope all is well with everyone.