March 28, 2008

Taylor's Eyes

Just an update about Taylor's crazy eyes [strabismus - same eye condition both Trask and my sister has]. I have been taking him to the eye doctor a lot lately because even after strengthening Taylor's already strong prescription, his left eye is still turning in at times, which shouldn't be happening. When I took him in the doctor saw the same thing and got his eye to turn in not only when Taylor was focusing on something close, but also at a distance, too. His eyes are being curious and mysterious little boogers. So the doctor is at a loss of what to do for now, so we are going to check back in in 6 weeks and see how his eyes are doing, as they were turning in less and less on their own. I am now worried because all this week he has been rubbing his eyes a lot and not wanting to wear his glasses, and his eye has been turning in a lot, so I'll give the doctor a call today just to make sure we don't need to bump his appointment up. At this upcoming appointment we'll see if his eye is still turning in when he focuses near and far and we'll decide whether or not we need to dilate his eyes again and recheck his whole prescription. Surgery may be the only answer, which I am praying is not the case. Anyway, just wanted to give a Mr. Googly Eyes update for all the Taylor Tot fans out there. And PS, if you ever ever need a great pediatric eye doctor (or adult), Dr. Mary DeFrank at the Hillsboro Eye Clinic is AMAZING!!


Jill said...

Poor little Tator! I didn't realize his eye problem was that serious! We'll pray for him and the whole surgery business--I really hope he doesn't have to go through a surgery! Poor baby. Give him a big fat kiss for me :)

Sara said...

Hello Shauna!
That is too bad about Taylor! I hope he improves soon without surgery! Love you all!