April 29, 2008

conversation with Taylor

While Taylor and I were coloring under the desk (of course), I wrote out 'Taylor Daniel' on the piece of paper. This is the conversation that occured during our coloring-session:

S: That says Taylor Daniel, can you say Daniel?
T: Daniel (you could understand what he was trying to say)
S: Good job, Tay! Can you say it again?
T: Daniel.
S: You're middle name is after your Grandpa Dan.
T: Dan.
S: Grandpa Dan is in Heaven watching you.
T: Mom, I know. (He just looked at me with such a matter-of-fact face)
S: Of course you do.

It just put a smile on my face and I thought I would share.

flashback Tuesday

At 3 days old we had to take Taylor back to the hospital overnight because his jaundice levels were too high and he had lost too much weight. They had to put him under the special lights to reduce his bilirubin levels and to get him to where he needed to be. It was so hard because we couldn't pick him up and hold him because he needed to stay under the lights at all times except for feedings every 2 hours. We had to weigh every dirty diaper and they had to keep taking blood samples from Taylor's heels. We were in the hospital for about 27 hours and it was really difficult. Taylor didn't want to keep the mask on his eyes and screamed and screamed. However, we got through it as a family and got these really neat pictures of Tay under the special blue lights. Everyone was so wonderful at Emanuel Children's Hospital and we were well taken care of, and the lactation specialist, Joan, was just the greatest.

I look at these pictures and don't get sad at all. It wasn't even the first adventure Taylor had taken us on, and isn't the last either. He has lots of things up his sleeves and I am grateful for this healthy and happy child!! I wanted to put these pictures up because I just think they are too precious not to share. Enjoy, and Happy Flashback Tuesday!

April 28, 2008

unexpected fountain fun...

It all started with a walk around downtown on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the sunshine. Taylor lounged in the jogger for a walk around the neighborhoods downtown and then we had some lunch at Subway and then visited a favorite toy store, 'Let's Play.' After all that we thought we'd let Taylor run around a bit more before heading back to the car, and what did we find?! THE FOUNTAIN IS ON NOW!!

Taylor went to go investigate the water and before you know it he was as wet as wet can get. He loved it. He taunted the streams of water, squealing with excitement and joy each time he got sprayed in the face. It was so much fun to watch. Taylor's favorite thing besides playing in the water, you ask?! Riding in the car on the way home in just a white t-shirt and his diaper. Life is good. Next time we're planning on this and bringing another set of clothes and a towel!!

April 25, 2008

still my baby

I took this picture the other afternoon while Taylor was napping on the couch. He is so busy playing, coloring, singing and spinning all day long and it's so rare that he holds still. I had to take this picture of him napping. He still looks like my baby in this picture and that's comforting to me. I may or may not have issues.

a new obsession

This morning Taylor discovered this hammered metal bowl that I had in the closet and decided it would make a lovely hat. I would have to agree with him, don't you?! His fashion sense is amazing, breath-taking and extremely advanced. He'll have to teach me a couple things.

a boy + his glasses

First day in his glasses - March 2007

Taylor got his glasses when he was just about 8 months old, and let me tell you, it was a really hard adjustment at first, for us. Taylor's glasses made him look so different, and so much older, and he already was big for his age. That was hard. Also, it was really hard getting him to wear them for more than 30 seconds at a time. He would love to rip them off his face and then bite and gum them to a slobbery mess. It didn't take him too long to realize that they helped him see, and now they're just a part of who he is. We adore seeing other kiddos with glasses, and even one of his favorite cartoon and book characters, Arthur, has glasses, too. I thought it would be fun to post a few pictures of the first couple of months Taylor had his specs. In one year we have gone through 4 different frames, 2 different prescriptions, and about 5 different pairs of lenses. I can't imagine him any other way now. We go in on April 30th for another eye check to see if his eye is still up to all the funny business, and I am still noticing it's been turning in, but not as frequently nor as extreme.

Enjoy the pictures. He is such a goober, I imagine he tastes just like chocolate, perhaps with a nutty center. Right?!

April 22, 2008

flashback Tuesday

Today Taylor turns 21-months old. And it's Earth Day. And it's flashback Tuesday... it's a big day.

These pictures are from early May of 2007, making Taylor a few weeks shy of 10 months old. He had cheeks-a-plenty, but this was before his sass had fully developed. This time in our lives was peaceful and sweet and fairly easy. I love all these pictures and couldn't pick just one. He LOVES the beach, which is a good thing because so do we!!

Happy 21-month birthday, Taylor. You're a dream come true!!

April 21, 2008

Curious George

On Saturday we took Taylor to go meet Curious George at the Barnes and Noble story time. Curious George was there for the kids to meet and sat with them to hear 2 Curious George stories. Taylor was excited at first but then the excitement wore off and led to him wanting to wander the bookstore. BUT, we were there long enough to get a picture of Curious George as proof to Taylor in the future that he met the sweet monkey. Taylor LOVES Curious George and has a couple toys and movies that he likes. Trask and I had fun with Curious George, and basically Taylor acted as if he saw a giant 7-foot monkey everyday. Hmmmm.

April 15, 2008

snapshots of a meltdown

I captured the true essence of one of Taylor's meltdowns the other day. This episode lasted maybe 60-90 seconds and the cause: a granola bar. I wish that I got it on video so y'all could hear the sounds, but the photos capture the raw sadness and anger this boy felt. He was a little captivated by the fact that I was laying on the kitchen floor documenting his most vulnerable moments, but his emotions still got the best of him. Enjoy the pictures. I swear I am not a mean mom, I did scoop him up and give him loves after he calmed down, I promise.

Everything started off fine... smiling for the camera and ready for a granola bar, one of his favorite treats.

After finding out it was a different granola bar than what he is used to he drops to his knees, no, to his stomach in gut-wrenching grief and sorrow.

He looks up at me and pleads, surely it's a joke-granola bar and the one he desires is hidden behind my back. Right?! Right, Mom?!

The depression sinks in, alas, it's not a trick, Mom's not joking. Trying to contemplate his next move. Where do toddlers go from here?! How do we move on?

It really hits home, it's really happening, it's not just a bad dream and he gets all emotional about it.

Taking some deep breaths, because this guy is all about the composure.

I remember the pediatrician giving me advice for tantrums and he told me to just ignore him and go to the next room, or to tape him to show him later how silly he looks. I can't wait for Taylor to look back on these and see how granola bars put him in therapy.

flashback Tuesday

Looky here... a little 2 or 3 week old munchkin hanging out by the pool on a hot summer's day in August. I remember finding this hat for Taylor while I was pregnant and laughing and laughing at it, just imagining how goofy my kidlet would look in it. And then when this picture was taken I remember laughing and laughing at how goofy he looked in it, as well as CUTE. And now looking back at it I just tear up like I am the one who is the baby. Taylor Daniel, you are truly a delight, little goofball.

April 9, 2008

100% pure, organic awesome

Just took these pictures of Taylor about 15 minutes ago while he was chasing me around the house and throwing everything I gave him to eat at the dog's face. See his eye turning in?? Poor kid! Anyway, I couldn't resist these pictures - this child cracks me up and has the most innocent eyes.

Scrunching up his nose and devising a plan on how to get the camera out of my hand.

Pretending like he isn't in the middle of a sneaky scheme. He LOOKS so innocent, but we all know he's a stinker.

The not-so-subtle attack, with a smile on his face and determination in his eyes.

April 8, 2008

love this book!

Just found this book at the library and love it! It's full of great ideas for toddlers and picky-eaters, and basically doesn't make you feel bad or guilty because sometimes all your sweet child wants to eat is pretzels and peanut butter, or eggs. This is a must-read, according to me + Taylor!!

flashback Tuesday

August 8, 2006

Taylor was 2 weeks old when this picture was taken. I remember that it was his Aunt Summer's birthday and we went over to visit. Don't be fooled by this picture, he NEVER took a pacifier for more than 10 seconds, unless you held it in for him. He loves being catered to. Look how dark his hair used to be, and now he's my blond baby!! Well, blond boy, can't really call him a BABY anymore, can I?! After this we went to an outdoor concert at Jenkins Estate and had a great time. He has always loved to be outside, even at 2 weeks old. I love this picture because it portrays his grumpy old man personality so well! He's learned to lighten up a bit since then, but still has his old man moments!

April 4, 2008

by the library

We went to feed the ducks by the library last night when Trask got home from work. Taylor wasn't too sure about feeding the ducks, but was content with watching them and trying to swim with them while Trask and I fed them and got them nice and close to Taylor. It was so warm outside and we saw lots of airplanes, to Taylor's delight, since we were right next to the Hillsboro Airport. I love this area!!

Taylor is proudly showing off his new shiner goose-egg on his forehead. He took a nasty spill at the park about 7 hours before this picture was taken. The swelling has gone down for the most part. It scared me to death seeing his forehead bump raise to the size of a ping-pong ball within seconds of his fall. This kids a trooper though, cried for a minute and then was ready to play and scare his mommy a bit more. I need to get my blood pressure checked!

I adore spring!!

My two most favorite guys ever. They make my heart smile. This picture was most likely taken seconds before Taylor farted and then laughed.

Always on the look-out for airplane. Or in Taylor-speak 'aihpane'.

You know who these fancy folks are.

April 3, 2008

he did it again, folks!

Just wanted to share the great news - Taylor slept through the night (well, woke up at 4, but then went right back down in his own bed), and it's 7:20 AM and he's still sleeping!! Most of you know that Taylor isn't the best of sleepers, so I just wanted to take a moment to document this treat! Feel free to celebrate this success with us by doing whatever feels right, i.e., eating cake, singing and dancing, throwing confetti in the air, sleeping in, whatever you need to do, do it! YAHOO!

{pictures circa May 2007 - about 9 or 10 months old}

And no, these pictures aren't recent at all, just some old ones that I got of Taylor taking an early morning snooze in our bed, with buns proudly in the air, as it should be.