April 4, 2008

by the library

We went to feed the ducks by the library last night when Trask got home from work. Taylor wasn't too sure about feeding the ducks, but was content with watching them and trying to swim with them while Trask and I fed them and got them nice and close to Taylor. It was so warm outside and we saw lots of airplanes, to Taylor's delight, since we were right next to the Hillsboro Airport. I love this area!!

Taylor is proudly showing off his new shiner goose-egg on his forehead. He took a nasty spill at the park about 7 hours before this picture was taken. The swelling has gone down for the most part. It scared me to death seeing his forehead bump raise to the size of a ping-pong ball within seconds of his fall. This kids a trooper though, cried for a minute and then was ready to play and scare his mommy a bit more. I need to get my blood pressure checked!

I adore spring!!

My two most favorite guys ever. They make my heart smile. This picture was most likely taken seconds before Taylor farted and then laughed.

Always on the look-out for airplane. Or in Taylor-speak 'aihpane'.

You know who these fancy folks are.

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