April 1, 2008

flashback Tuesday

Look at what I stumbled upon this morning... pictures of Taylor from when he was about a week old or so. He made the most ridiculous faces and had the biggest lips (they've calmed down a little bit now, but I have the thinnest lips ever, so anything looks big to me). I remember him loving to lay in his Boppy and hang out on the couch while we just stared at him. This feels so far away and not just 20 months ago. I could still stare at him all day if he'd hold still.


Jill said...

See, Shauna, it was when he was this itty bitty little guy that I thought he was a remake of Trask! Now he's morphed into the perfect combination of you two though! Weird how that happens... :)

Carrie Hutchings said...

Wow....it's crazy how fast they grow! Eva is only 3 months old and I almost can't remember her being that little. :)