April 8, 2008

flashback Tuesday

August 8, 2006

Taylor was 2 weeks old when this picture was taken. I remember that it was his Aunt Summer's birthday and we went over to visit. Don't be fooled by this picture, he NEVER took a pacifier for more than 10 seconds, unless you held it in for him. He loves being catered to. Look how dark his hair used to be, and now he's my blond baby!! Well, blond boy, can't really call him a BABY anymore, can I?! After this we went to an outdoor concert at Jenkins Estate and had a great time. He has always loved to be outside, even at 2 weeks old. I love this picture because it portrays his grumpy old man personality so well! He's learned to lighten up a bit since then, but still has his old man moments!

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Jill said...

Little cutie pie :) It's amazing to see how much he's changed! He went from being that itty bitty scrawny, dark-skinned, dark-haired baby to this tall, light-skinned, blond, smiley little man!!! What a little hottie-in-progress! :)