April 15, 2008

flashback Tuesday

Looky here... a little 2 or 3 week old munchkin hanging out by the pool on a hot summer's day in August. I remember finding this hat for Taylor while I was pregnant and laughing and laughing at it, just imagining how goofy my kidlet would look in it. And then when this picture was taken I remember laughing and laughing at how goofy he looked in it, as well as CUTE. And now looking back at it I just tear up like I am the one who is the baby. Taylor Daniel, you are truly a delight, little goofball.

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Jill said...

Oh I miss this little guy! This was one of my favorite pictures of Taylor when he was just a wee bit! :) And I'm with you--the goofy hats are my favorite! I think I have 3 different Gilligan-style ones in Byron's storage bins that I need to break out to use on Ayden!!! Something 'bout a baby in a hat...I love your flashback Tuesdays, I need to see more baby Taylors!!!