April 29, 2008

flashback Tuesday

At 3 days old we had to take Taylor back to the hospital overnight because his jaundice levels were too high and he had lost too much weight. They had to put him under the special lights to reduce his bilirubin levels and to get him to where he needed to be. It was so hard because we couldn't pick him up and hold him because he needed to stay under the lights at all times except for feedings every 2 hours. We had to weigh every dirty diaper and they had to keep taking blood samples from Taylor's heels. We were in the hospital for about 27 hours and it was really difficult. Taylor didn't want to keep the mask on his eyes and screamed and screamed. However, we got through it as a family and got these really neat pictures of Tay under the special blue lights. Everyone was so wonderful at Emanuel Children's Hospital and we were well taken care of, and the lactation specialist, Joan, was just the greatest.

I look at these pictures and don't get sad at all. It wasn't even the first adventure Taylor had taken us on, and isn't the last either. He has lots of things up his sleeves and I am grateful for this healthy and happy child!! I wanted to put these pictures up because I just think they are too precious not to share. Enjoy, and Happy Flashback Tuesday!

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Carrie Hutchings said...

What precious pictures! I can't imagine how excruciating those 27 hours must have been....I would hate it if I couldn't hold my baby! But, he's a beautiful, healthy little kid now, and that is what is really important!