April 15, 2008

snapshots of a meltdown

I captured the true essence of one of Taylor's meltdowns the other day. This episode lasted maybe 60-90 seconds and the cause: a granola bar. I wish that I got it on video so y'all could hear the sounds, but the photos capture the raw sadness and anger this boy felt. He was a little captivated by the fact that I was laying on the kitchen floor documenting his most vulnerable moments, but his emotions still got the best of him. Enjoy the pictures. I swear I am not a mean mom, I did scoop him up and give him loves after he calmed down, I promise.

Everything started off fine... smiling for the camera and ready for a granola bar, one of his favorite treats.

After finding out it was a different granola bar than what he is used to he drops to his knees, no, to his stomach in gut-wrenching grief and sorrow.

He looks up at me and pleads, surely it's a joke-granola bar and the one he desires is hidden behind my back. Right?! Right, Mom?!

The depression sinks in, alas, it's not a trick, Mom's not joking. Trying to contemplate his next move. Where do toddlers go from here?! How do we move on?

It really hits home, it's really happening, it's not just a bad dream and he gets all emotional about it.

Taking some deep breaths, because this guy is all about the composure.

I remember the pediatrician giving me advice for tantrums and he told me to just ignore him and go to the next room, or to tape him to show him later how silly he looks. I can't wait for Taylor to look back on these and see how granola bars put him in therapy.


Jill said...

he he I love this!!! Poor little Tator!!! I feel so bad for him and his lack of THE RIGHT tasty granola bar!!! But he's still so stinkin' cute when he's mad :) That picture of him face down in the carpet with his hands over his mouth looks like Byron--they could be brothers! That is totally Byron's favorite tantrum position! Though lately he's taken to slapping his own hand when he's mad at us...

Carrie Hutchings said...

I love the pics documenting his little melt down....he's still cute even when he's throwing a tantrum (I'm sure you might not agree with this)!

Egghead said...

I actually have a picture of Byron doing that exact face down tantrum. Ha ha! That is cute. Both Byron and Lucy were doing it again tonight.