April 28, 2008

unexpected fountain fun...

It all started with a walk around downtown on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the sunshine. Taylor lounged in the jogger for a walk around the neighborhoods downtown and then we had some lunch at Subway and then visited a favorite toy store, 'Let's Play.' After all that we thought we'd let Taylor run around a bit more before heading back to the car, and what did we find?! THE FOUNTAIN IS ON NOW!!

Taylor went to go investigate the water and before you know it he was as wet as wet can get. He loved it. He taunted the streams of water, squealing with excitement and joy each time he got sprayed in the face. It was so much fun to watch. Taylor's favorite thing besides playing in the water, you ask?! Riding in the car on the way home in just a white t-shirt and his diaper. Life is good. Next time we're planning on this and bringing another set of clothes and a towel!!

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Jill said...

Shauna Rogers! Those pictures are some of the cutest pictures of Taylor I've ever seen! What a little man! I love him!