May 28, 2008

flashback Tuesday... on a Wednesday

Okay, we're getting a little wacky doing flashback Tuesday one day late, but that's okay, we're being spontaneous. This picture is circa October 2006 {making Taylor approximately 2-1/2 months old}, and Taylor is sporting his University of Oregon Kellen Clemens' football jersey... oh the good 'ol days. I love his smile here! And it's fitting that he's in his vibrating bouncy seat, because I was worried he'd never get out of that thing! He was addicted. I think if he still fit in it he'd be in it now. :)

Enjoy the flashback. We'll be back soon to do a little update, but the biggest thing right now is that all of the Rogers Family is sick, so that's our excitement.

May 22, 2008

slumber party at Nana's - coming soon!

We haven't left Taylor with anyone else overnight before, ever, in his 22 months of existence. And since I stay home with Taylor, I really haven't spent much time at all away from him, but Trask and I are getting brave, or is it desperate for a date?!

Taylor is going to have his first overnight at his Nana's house in the middle of June (after Nana and Pampa come back from their cruise nice and relaxed and ready for a wild grandson). I think Trask and I are going to get some dinner on the gorge and then go to Cinetopia in Vancouver for a late movie and drinks! We'll go pick up Taylor from Nana's in the morning. Knowing me I'll be ready to get him at six.

We're so excited. I am keeping busy so I don't find things to worry or fret about. Oh, and let's not forget, at least EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP, STRAIGHT! Oh Heaven, can't wait to see what that's like!

22 months old

Taylor is 22 months old today. We're going to spend the day trying to find out where all that time went. Wish us luck on that search. While we're looking, you can enjoy a couple pictures from the past. Kind of like a BONUS Flashback Tuesday. Kind of. Don't even think about getting on my case that these pictures are not in perfect order. Thanks.

May 21, 2008

son... open your eyes!

Well, it must be hereditary... only Taylor's case is worse. We're talking: SQUINTY EYES WHILE SMILING SYNDROME.

Now we know that I suffer from this, and have one eye that misbehaves, but lately Taylor has been hamming it up for the camera with such gusto and intensity that both of his eyes are squinty, nay, invisible!

I love squinty eyes, I really do! In fact, sweet Ayden has a squinty eye smile that makes me want to eat him!! BUT when I am taking a picture of Taylor, I would really like to see a portion of at least one of his sweet baby blue eyes. I'm just sayin'... He's pretty cute anyway, though, right?!

OR here's a thought... could this just be the beginning of one of many awkward stages in his future?!

Oh, and by the way, don't even ask why he now drags the dog's bed around everywhere and gets in it like a mini-sleeping bag, because I don't get it.

I love that he loves art!!

Not a single day goes by that Taylor doesn't at least color. The kiddo loves art, and can I even begin to tell you how much this delights me!? Taylor has been pretty well-versed in finger-painting, and has been doing that since he was about 8 or 9 months old, but yesterday we moved on to WATERCOLORS. His first watercolor is pictured below. I love it!

I have decided to string wire from one end of my dining room/office/craft nook to the other and hang his art up on the 'art line' rather than just limiting it to the refrigerator and picture frames hanging on the wall. His art is everywhere. The picture of the wire art line isn't that great, but I think it looks great in-person. You will have to come on over for a tour of his 'gallery'. Really, we would love visitors! We're nice hosts, I promise. I will feed you. Please?!

May 20, 2008

flashback Tuesday

If there were ever any doubt whether Taylor was a 'true Rogers' or not, the proof that he is lies right here. The Rogers Men all love to tuck an arm or sometimes both arms behind their head when they sit down and relax. I have seen Grandpa do this just about every time I see him, Trask does it ALL the time, and Taylor, well, he is no exception. I remember seeing him do this in the ultrasound, and the technician just thought it was so funny. Taylor still always needs to lounge whenever and wherever he can, whether it's a high chair, car seat, chair, couch, or even laying on the ground for a diaper change. This child is 100% Rogers. By the way, he's 9 days old here. Can't even tell you how much I miss this. Enjoy your day, and HAPPY FLASHBACK TUESDAY! xoxo

May 15, 2008

angel at the grocery store

Taylor and I were at the grocery store today picking a few things up - not a long trip at all, but with a cranky, short-fused teething toddler about to hit the sweet age of 2, we were trying our hardest to make it extra-quick and fun. Or tolerable if not fun.

Taylor was fussing at me as we were leaving the store. He then looked over at this sweet middle-aged lady and decided to ham it up rather than carry on with his drama and woes. The lady and I started talking about teething and she gave me the easiest and best advice I have been offered lately... Are you ready for this? Freeze peeled bananas or orange wedges and then let the kidlet gnaw on it. Better than teethers because it's flavored, and better than rum or whisky because, well, it's a toddler for heaven's sake!

I just thought I would share this nugget of wisdom. You are certainly welcome.

May 13, 2008

flashback Tuesday!

These pictures in celebration of flashback Tuesday come from early March 2007, making Taylor just shy of 8 months.

Taylor and I spent the day outside because it was SO nice outside and we even had lunch/coffee with Summer at Streets of Tanasbourne next to our place. We sat by the fountain and Taylor soaked up the sun and all the attention from ladies passing by. And then I picked up this hat at Gap that made him hate me a little bit. What is it about baby hats?! I love them, and the dorkier the better!! Is that mean!? Enjoy flashback Tuesday, and THANK YOU to Rose for reminding me! Oops!

Safari Joe, I mean, Taylor. 1st Expedition: crawling and conquering the shag rug.