May 15, 2008

angel at the grocery store

Taylor and I were at the grocery store today picking a few things up - not a long trip at all, but with a cranky, short-fused teething toddler about to hit the sweet age of 2, we were trying our hardest to make it extra-quick and fun. Or tolerable if not fun.

Taylor was fussing at me as we were leaving the store. He then looked over at this sweet middle-aged lady and decided to ham it up rather than carry on with his drama and woes. The lady and I started talking about teething and she gave me the easiest and best advice I have been offered lately... Are you ready for this? Freeze peeled bananas or orange wedges and then let the kidlet gnaw on it. Better than teethers because it's flavored, and better than rum or whisky because, well, it's a toddler for heaven's sake!

I just thought I would share this nugget of wisdom. You are certainly welcome.


Jill said...

Isn't it rad when someone can save your life like that? When Byron was getting his molars, I bought these little mesh teething-bag thingy's with handles, and you put frozen fruit or whatever you want in them so the baby can chew on them w/o choking on big pieces (as Byron has always loved to inhale food)--those things made me so happy! Hope Taylor's teeth feel better soon!

Carrie Hutchings said...

Great idea! Isn't it great when you run into wonderful people like that? Have you tried teething tablets? I've heard they work wonders and they are all natural.