May 28, 2008

flashback Tuesday... on a Wednesday

Okay, we're getting a little wacky doing flashback Tuesday one day late, but that's okay, we're being spontaneous. This picture is circa October 2006 {making Taylor approximately 2-1/2 months old}, and Taylor is sporting his University of Oregon Kellen Clemens' football jersey... oh the good 'ol days. I love his smile here! And it's fitting that he's in his vibrating bouncy seat, because I was worried he'd never get out of that thing! He was addicted. I think if he still fit in it he'd be in it now. :)

Enjoy the flashback. We'll be back soon to do a little update, but the biggest thing right now is that all of the Rogers Family is sick, so that's our excitement.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Get well, Rogers Family! I miss the Taylor blogs and was VERY disappointed that the Tuesday flashback update wasn't...updated... :) Until now, of course! Love you guys!