May 20, 2008

flashback Tuesday

If there were ever any doubt whether Taylor was a 'true Rogers' or not, the proof that he is lies right here. The Rogers Men all love to tuck an arm or sometimes both arms behind their head when they sit down and relax. I have seen Grandpa do this just about every time I see him, Trask does it ALL the time, and Taylor, well, he is no exception. I remember seeing him do this in the ultrasound, and the technician just thought it was so funny. Taylor still always needs to lounge whenever and wherever he can, whether it's a high chair, car seat, chair, couch, or even laying on the ground for a diaper change. This child is 100% Rogers. By the way, he's 9 days old here. Can't even tell you how much I miss this. Enjoy your day, and HAPPY FLASHBACK TUESDAY! xoxo


Jill said...

Cutie pie! Look at those long legs!

Shauna said...

Jill, his legs were long, huh? Too bad I don't think they've grown since! He's a tall boy with no shins, like Cotton from King of the Hill, with a matching attitude! xoxo