May 1, 2008

new favorites

Taylor has a few new favorite things that he wanted me to share with all his fans, I mean, friends.

First, Taylor loves to try to do the splits. I am not sure where he saw this or why he wants to put himself through that torture, but he loves it!

Another obsession of Taylor's is spinning. He loves to make himself dizzy and it doesn't matter how many times he falls over or crashes into the wall, the spinning must continue.

Taylor also is a tad crazy about brushing his teeth. This habit is highly encouraged by both of us.

In the bathtub Taylor's favorite thing is laying on his tummy and shoving his whole precious face in the water to blow bubbles. Swimming lessons this summer will be a BLAST! He has no fear at all. Sometimes this is a scary thing.

Kitties. This has been a big obsession of Taylor's for a long time and I thought it would pass, but not yet. This kid is all about the cats and that is so endearing to me. And no, we're not getting him one. Can you imagine keeping this kid out of a litter box?!

Elmo is Taylor's newest friend, too, that isn't too new. Taylor has picked up this Elmo obsession and likes to talk about him all the time. Elmo this and Elmo that, Elmo is a VIP in this house right now. And what better timing, really?! Because Trask and Taylor, Summer and McKenna are going to go see When Elmo Grows Up on stage May 10th and they are all so excited. Talk about good timing, and the tickets were given to us, so extra exciting!!

Anyway, just wanted to share a little bit of what Taylor digs. Later we'll talk about what he doesn't dig.


Carrie Hutchings said...

Yay that Taylor is super keen on brushing his teeth...gotta love that! And it cracks me up that he loves trying to do the splits...where did that come from?! So exciting that him and McKenna get to go see Elmo! I'll bet he's gonna love that.

Jill said...

He's such a funny little boy! Taylor's getting to be just as quirky and adorable as his mommy! Well, he was already the adorable part, but he's definitely getting a personality!!! :) Love and miss that little blond angel!