May 21, 2008

son... open your eyes!

Well, it must be hereditary... only Taylor's case is worse. We're talking: SQUINTY EYES WHILE SMILING SYNDROME.

Now we know that I suffer from this, and have one eye that misbehaves, but lately Taylor has been hamming it up for the camera with such gusto and intensity that both of his eyes are squinty, nay, invisible!

I love squinty eyes, I really do! In fact, sweet Ayden has a squinty eye smile that makes me want to eat him!! BUT when I am taking a picture of Taylor, I would really like to see a portion of at least one of his sweet baby blue eyes. I'm just sayin'... He's pretty cute anyway, though, right?!

OR here's a thought... could this just be the beginning of one of many awkward stages in his future?!

Oh, and by the way, don't even ask why he now drags the dog's bed around everywhere and gets in it like a mini-sleeping bag, because I don't get it.


Jill said...

I must say, I ADORE Taylor's beautiful blue eyes, but there is something so stinking adorable and endearing about that squinty-eyed grin! He's such a happy little man!

Carrie Hutchings said...

Eva is just starting to get the squinty-eye grin. I'm kind of sad because I love seeing her beautiful eyes but it is so cute at the same time.