May 13, 2008

When Elmo Grows Up

Saturday was a fun day for Taylor. Trask took him to go see When Elmo Grows Up with Summer and McKenna at the Memorial Coliseum. I was at the artisan fair, so I have only heard about how much fun they all had. It sounded like there was lots of popcorn eating, kids refusing to eat cotton candy much to Summer and Trask's dismay, dancing, singing and Taylor kissing on McKenna and the girl in the row in front of them the whole time. They enjoyed a MAX ride to and from the show and Taylor continued to yawn and put his arm around his sweet cousin McKenna. I love that the kidlets are best friends, too.

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Jill said...

Good lord, look at all those curls! That's rad! And Tator, the little womanizer :) He's such a sweet little boy!