June 12, 2008

art class

Taylor and I went to his Messy Munchkins Art Class yesterday and got pretty messy together. He was so excited to go and paint and color, and when we sat down to do just that, he decided he had changed his mind. He just looked at me, pushed the paper away and said 'no. no thank you.' He is a little guy that knows what he wants, and doesn't want. I guess it wasn't as exciting for him because we paint and color and draw all the time here at home, so maybe it wasn't all that new.

I did manage to get some cute pictures of him. I also kindly forced him to paint 2 paintings. Father's Day is around the corner and we need anything we can get. I am lame this year, lame!!, I tell you!!

His art teacher was so sweet, by the way. And she brought her two kidlets with her (3 and 5). Taylor was sitting and playing with the 5 year old boy and the boy asked Tay how old he was. Taylor looked right at him and said 'three.' Liar, liar, pants on fire! If you're around my kiddo, don't always trust what he says! Silly kid.

Anyway, enjoy the photos of Taylor working on his masterpieces - you know, the ones he doesn't even care about. I love them though.

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Jill said...

how fun! you're such a fun mommy! you always think of these cool little things or places to take your little man!