June 3, 2008

flashback Tuesday!

Happy Flashback Tuesday, dearest blog readers!

I just want you to take about ten seconds to stare at this picture of my precious Taylor Tot and try not to laugh! Those cheeks! Those eyes! The lips he inherited from his Daddy!

This picture makes me shake with laughter. I can't even stand looking at it for too long. Note all the drool on his shirt. This was from my mom, his Grammie, bouncing all the drool out of his body while she was bouncing him on her knee.

When was this taken, you ask. It was May 2007, so Taylor was a whoppin' 10 months old, and back then we thought he was such a big boy. If only we knew how things would be now. Time is flying, sweet friends, with no signs of slowing down soon. I am so grateful for my sweet son, he is my heart and he makes me so proud.

Thanks for stopping by. We'll have an updated Taylor's likes and dislikes entry soon.

Love you all. Yes, all of you.


Sara said...

this is one for the HS yearbook his senior year. Adorable. I love the drool. And his glasses, he's so cute!

Jill said...

It's so fun looking at these pictures! It's crazy--I feel like i know him so well, but in reality I've only got to see him...what-three times??? In his whole life? That's so saaaaad! I miss the little guy, and his parents!