June 30, 2008

growing up

Taylor is changing every day and is becoming quite the entertainer - always doing what he can to get anyone to smile or laugh.

Taylor has really been into loving and snuggling lately, without me making him hold still and give me a hug and a kiss. The other day we were walking together from the mailbox back to our home and he wanted me to hold him. That was fine, he gets tired, I get it. But then he shocked me. He put his head in by my neck and rested it there and said "ahhhh." I melted. And then he looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the lips and gave me a hug. God blessed me with a son with a kind and gentle heart, no matter how rough he plays sometimes, he is kind and gentle through and through.

This weekend we did a lot of playing in the water. Both days we took him to the fountain in downtown Hillsboro to play in the water with all the kids, and both days we went swimming in our pool, too. In case you wondered, our time in the sun resulted in Taylor turning brown and me turning pink. Lucky kid.

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Jill said...

Handsome little man, even with his tongue hanging out! Nothing better than loves from your baby, without being forced or pleaded!!! Byron's not big on offering them up, either, unless it's before naptime/bedtime. Then he's all loves, begging for "snuggles" and extra hugs and kisses. I know he's using me, but I'm ok with it. :)