June 24, 2008

- Flashback Tuesday -

Happy Flashback Tuesday, everyone! We hope that this Tuesday morning is treating everyone right.

Today's Flashback is from Taylor's 1st Birthday, as you probably could have guessed so much with the cake and frosting all over my son's face - you guys are smart ones, sorry to belittle you all!

So in less than a month my baby with be TWO. Therefore, this picture is a flashback, which shocks me. I remember this day so well, and it's bizarre that it happened a year ago, especially when I can't remember what happened a week ago sometimes!

Anyway, savor month 23 with me, because soon he'll be the big number 2!!

Thanks for reading!


Brenda said...

I can't believe our babies will be 2. We are already seeing a few problems that are said to come with the big numero 2. Hope to see you guys in July.

Jill said...

It goes by so stinkin' fast! But little man keeps getting cuter and cuter, and funny like his mama! ;) Give him an almost-two-years-old kiss for me!

Sara said...

I love this picture...the cake in the hair, the clenched fists full of frosting...it's priceless!

Carrie Hutchings said...

Gotta love that pic. Looks like he REALLY enjoyed that cake! By the way, I got my cards. They are great...thanks!