June 4, 2008

likes + dislikes + can't stands

Taylor already has an opinion about everything. You name it and yes, he has a preference. A strong and sturdy, unwavering preference. Or demand. Anyway, let's start a little list.


* being outside, whether it's just on the back patio or in a park, this kid thrives on the outdoors. He's a lot like his sweet pal Byron. He will throw the biggest fit of the century if and when he needs to come inside, whether he's been out there for a few minutes or a few hours, each time it breaks his heart all over again.

*water - in a cup or in the bath or at the beach trying to swim in the ice, cold Pacific Ocean, Taylor has no fear of water. He requests a bath at least 3 times a day and that means I always have to try to distract his attention because he does his baths in the evening before bed, but sometimes I cave in. Never three times a day. We took him to the pool a few weeks ago and the whole time he asked us to just 'let go!!!'. Oh brother.

* calling Grammie - all day long this kiddo talks about 'Gram Gram' and wants to call her, all day long. Then goes to the window to see if she's here. I try to explain she's in Eugene, but that never works. So we call, and then he talks and jabbers and tries to show her his toys and the dog and then talks about kitties and Elmo and then is ready to say 'love you' and 'bye'. That basically sums up every conversation that I have with others on the phone, too.

* Maddie - oh how he loves our rat terrier. And she's getting used to him, after almost 2 years. She's now starting to jump up on his shoulders and lick his face, and he LOVES that. He spends a good portion of his day chasing her and digging out her treats that she buried in his stuffed animal bins. This is when I am grateful to her, because he loves her so much.

* kitty cats. Yes, he's still in that phase. Still. And lately he's really been into playing on our back patio and waiting for our neighbor's kitties to come outside on their patio. And then he talks to them in a high little voice for big chunks of time. He wants nothing more than for those kitties to be his. I know it.

* neighbor greeter. Taylor also likes to stand guard on the patio and greet every single person who walks by, walks up the stairs, goes to their car, takes out the garbage - whatever they are doing, Taylor makes sure they know he's watching them and wants to talk to them. I like watching how easily he can creep some people out. I am not sure who gets more joy out of this pass time, Taylor or me.

* chocolate - do I really need to go into this? I do have a trick though. If I want him to eat something, like a granola bar or something, I just tell him there's chocolate in there and he'll eat it. This, however, does not work for all things, and he's still the pickiest eater ever.

* green beans - an essential staple in this house. He always wants green beans, and that thrills me, because then I think I am a great mom feeding my kid something good, that he'll actually swallow and not just spit out, and then I remember that he REQUESTED them. But still, what a good mom I am for giving them to him. Right? The same goes for fruit, usually. Unless you count the times he requests fruit and then chews it and then takes the chewed fruit from his mouth with his fingers and puts it on the floor or gives it to me. Not those times.


* shoes on while he's in the house. Taylor cannot stand wearing shoes inside. And once you take the shoes off, you HAVE to take the socks off, or he'll freak out. How do I know he wants his shoes off? He follows us around the house lifting his foot saying 'feet' and 'please' over and over until we help him out. He knows how to take his shoes off, but I am sure it's a dominance thing, just like everything else around here. I do the same thing. Maybe I don't. It's up to you to decide.

* chicken nuggets. He will not touch them. He will not dip them in anything. He hates them with a passion. He will try to trick me into thinking he'll eat them, but then puts them down the front of his shirt. I would do the same thing if someone gave me a chicken nugget though. So, I am fine with this.

* shopping carts. Pretty self-explanatory. He doesn't want to be in them. Sometimes putting him in the back of the cart appeases him for a bit, but he usually just wants to be held or to be let free. Both can be emotionally and physically damaging if it's a long trip at Target. We're coping though.

* basically take the above 'likes' and then switch the situation to the opposite. So he doesn't like being inside after being outside, he doesn't like not talking on the phone to Grammie, he doesn't like not seeing the kitties or seeing neighbors, and he hates being ignored by the neighbors. He's an easy guy most of the time and it seems like his dislikes always have something to do with not getting exactly what he needs in the exact way that he wants it. PARTICULAR KID. And I am sure it's the age and I am sure it'll be like this for a long time. I am still like that. Hmmmm.

Well, there's my kidlet in a nutshell. I'll have to add more later because I know I am leaving a lot out. Time to get started on our day.


Carrie Hutchings said...

I love that he wants to talk to all the neighbors...that is so funny. Sounds like he is such a social little guy. Wish we lived closer so I could see him in person instead of having to just see him grow up over a blog.

Jill said...

He's perfect! And he'll never EVER be a boring child! I think he gets his energetic personality from his sassy mama! :)

Sara said...

aside from the cat obsession he sounds a lot like you!! :)

Tami said...

The chicken nuggets down the shirt cracks me up!!! Must be a boy thing, but Tay's likes and Payton's likes match up a lot.