June 9, 2008

Taylor's On-The-Go Art Kit

I have said over and over that Taylor loves arts and crafts, but wanted to share a fun idea I had the other day.

I have been mentally and physically preparing for Taylor's first over-night away from me and Trask, so I came up with the idea of making Taylor a On-The-Go Art Kit that he can take with him to Nana's house. Brilliant? I think so. Humble, yes.

Taylor's Art Kit contains crayons, colored pencils, pipe cleaners, feathers, foam stars, googly eyes, stickers, a glue stick, stencils, markers, a notebook made by me and much more. Trask even saved the day and found an awesome Curious George tin lunchbox at Goodwill, so that's the kit! He loves Curious George, so it's even more exciting!

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