June 13, 2008

what he dreams about

Taylor talks in his sleep - a lot. Most of the time it's mumbling or muttering of some sort, but other times it is crystal clear, and I bet you can guess one of the things he talks about... kitties. That's right, he must be dreaming about cats, my precious little tator tot. He'll mumble and mumble and then say 'oh, kitty' mumble, mumble 'hi, cat' mumble, mumble 'kitty cat'.

Taylor also talks a lot about babies in his sleep. 'Baby' this and 'baby' that, 'need baby', and 'oh, hi baby', you get the picture.

This is just even more proof that while my son is a crazy and wild man on the run, he's got a soft, warm heart.

I love this boy!

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Jill said...

That's rad! You want to know what byron talks about in his sleep? FOOD! The only thing he holds dear in his life! We get to hear "Eat" and "Tookies" (cookies) and "Noonoos" (Noodles) as well as any other food-related word that he's dreaming of... occasionally he'll throw something in about Mama and Daddy and Baby, but it's mostly food. Guess it shows what's important in these two boys' lives... :) Yours likes cats and normal things, mine likes FOOD.