June 29, 2008

who does number 2 work for?!

We're celebrating all day long today because... Taylor pooped in the big boy potty this morning!! Go Taylor, Go!! He was thrilled that he got to dump it in the big toilet and flush it away. And even happier that he got rewarded with a York Peppermint Patty!

{I almost took a picture of it to post on the blog, but then I actually stopped myself and said 'No, Shauna, that's sick'. So, you're welcome.}


Sara said...

Congratulations! sounds like the beginning of a new adventure!

Jill said...

Good boy, Tators!!! Byron's managed that only once, and proud as he was of himself, he apparently decided once was enough! He STILL hates sitting on the potty! I'm trying to rev myself up for another potty training session, so let me know how things go with the Tay-man

Carrie Hutchings said...

Way to go Tay!!!
And Shauna - you make me laugh.