July 31, 2008

Taylor's Peepers

Good Morning!

Taylor had his eye appointment and dilation this morning (appointment was one hour and forty-five minutes!). His left eye is still turning in at near distances, and he is VERY, VERY farsighted. He also has an astigmatism in his left eye.

The doctor is strengthening his Rx a bit, and adding bifocals. We are hoping that this works for him. She is giving him 2 months. If his eye is still turning in, it will have to come to surgery, as after bifocals, there isn't any other options for him. Even after surgery he will still need glasses, which comforts me because I am so used to him in glasses, it wouldn't be the same!

So I guess we'll wait and see. The clinic is cutting his lenses and he should have them soon. His poor eyes are huge from dilation, so we're hanging out at home in the dark since the light is really irritating him. The doctor and technician are so wonderful with him and such a blessing, despite his sassy demeanor today. He did not want his eyes fiddled with.

I am grateful Trask could come. His next appointment is Thursday, September 25th, so we'll know more then. The doctor said getting used to the bifocals will make Taylor more clumsy (is that possible??), so I am really nervous about the stairs, playground, etc.

Anyway, there's the update.

July 30, 2008


Taylor and I just spent 45 minutes outside looking for bugs. Once we found some ants, we were in business! This kid loves bugs. Loves them! His Nana got him a bug vacuum for his birthday, and last night he caught his first spider! Very exciting. When we were done looking at him we put him outside in the flowers. Taylor even said good bye, and then proceeded to bother his web.

While we were outside on our bug search we found dragonflies. Taylor wasn't too sure about them, and thought they were birds. So he started clapping his hands and yelling 'hey, bird!' over and over. (That is his bird call that he frequently uses on our patio when birds fly by - it never works). He also thought the butterflies were birds, too, and flies. So I am guessing anything with wings will be called a bird for awhile.

I had to peel him off the sidewalk to come inside after 45 minutes. He needed a diaper change and I needed to get the house straightened up before we go have dinner at Aunt Michelle's. Wait, I still haven't cleaned. Better go do that now.

Taylor sends his love and special bird calls. Later we'll discuss his new move, the "gator chomp". Just for you, Skye and Joe!!

July 29, 2008

he'll hate me later for this...

Just minutes ago Trask and I were getting Taylor ready for his bath. Taylor was patiently waiting at the side of the tub while we pulled his shirt off and pushed his pants down. Trask then took his diaper off and out rolled a cute poop onto the floor. Well, I couldn't help it, so I pointed it out to Taylor, having him turn around and see what was on the floor. One glimpse of the turd and my kid started crying. He was scared, and grabbed Trask's legs, trying to get away from the lone, rogue poop. We scooped it up and flushed it, but I still can't contain myself. Oh man, I never knew parenthood would be this much fun, otherwise I would have done this way earlier.

Just had to share. Good night!

flashback Tuesday

Here's my first Mother's Day with Taylor, back in May of 2007. That means Taylor was almost 10 months. His hair was still growing fast, and in a thick strip in the center of his head, like a stripe. He made me breakfast in bed with Trask. Can you tell I just woke up!? This was one of my most favorite ages. Ahhh. I love this kid, lots.

Taylor's Chores

Taylor loves to help around the house - I mean, what toddler doesn't? But there are a few chores that Taylor absolutely loves to do, so much so that if he sees me or Trask doing them, he freaks out, gets offended and then well, a tantrum usually follows. He learned this from his dad.

Taylor loves to feed the dog. He proudly takes Maddie's kibbies from the hall closet in a scoop and puts them nicely in her bowl. He wants her to eat them all on the spot, but he's learning that Maddie is a bit scared to eat when he's near.

Watering the plants on the back patio is another favorite. A tantrum ALWAYS follows this chore because he can't stop watering the flowers and thinks he needs more and more and more refills of water in his toucan watering can. This is a scary chore.

I can't wait to teach him to make his bed. And then mine.

Also, on Thursday Taylor has another eye appointment to re-evaluate his prescription. He is right on the line of needing surgery, so the doctor wanted to give him time to see if he'd go one way or the other. Please pray for us at this eye appointment. It's a long appointment, and difficult for toddlers to hold still for that long. I will keep everyone updated when we find out more at the appointment. If anyone needs a great eye doctor, please let me know, because Taylor has one of the finest around!

July 28, 2008

Auntie + Grammie Time

Taylor had a great weekend and got to visit with his Grammie and his Aunt Karlie, or as he calls her, Karkie. He spent a lot of time tickling her and staring at her, trying to creep her out. (And succeeding at that). Here's a little picture of all of us having fun in Taylor's room, while he showed off all his toys and goodies.

Great Grandpa

Taylor's Great Grandpa Rogers came to visit Taylor and brought him a hickory shirt to match his own for Taylor's 2nd Birthday present. Taylor is such a lucky boy! Don't they both look cute?! Ah, I love these guys. Now where do I get my hands on a pink hickory shirt for moi? Hmmm...

July 24, 2008

The Weight/Height Guessing Winner is...

J i l002 L on a door

Congratulations, Jill!! You did it!! I'll send you some gift tags and other goodies, just let me know what you'd like! Way to be AMAZING and HOT and AWESOME and a GOOD GUESSER!!

Taylor's 2 year check up went great. He weighs 32 pounds and is 36 inches tall. His head is 50.5 centimeters of hugeness.

We love you all!

Guess his weight...

Well, today is Taylor's 2-year check-up with his pediatrician and his Nana Gail is going to accompany me this morning. His appointment is at 10:30, so if anyone else wants to predict his height and weight, you have until 11 or so today. I will post his 'stats' once we get home and settled after having his favorite lunch.

Taylor has always been a picky eater - always. This is what I love about him, he's a challenge. When he decides he likes a food though, I just go with it. So now his most favorite meal lately is all-beef hot dogs (Hebrew Nationals, in particular), and blueberries. I think nothing of this combination, but it gets him to eat, so hotdogs and blueberries he shall have. And yes, he still has his obsession with green beans - which is fine, and easy enough for me.

Taylor has been pretty excited because he knows his Grammie is coming up for a few days and he's ready and raring to go! Now I just have to find a way to distract him today until she gets here!

Okay, we'll check in later and give the doctor's official height and weight when we return.

Love you all!!

July 21, 2008



Today the love of my life turns two and I couldn't be more delighted for him. Taylor came into this world two years ago and blessed us and our lives, but also caught us off guard. How were we to understand how much he would truly change our lives, for the better? How would we know that he was going to tug on all our heart-strings and make us smile, even in the tricky times that life throws our way? I didn't know that love could be so crazy, so unconditional, so trying, but so rewarding. This child has taken everything the world presents to him and turns it into something fun, something funny, something amazing. Every moment with Taylor is a cherished one, a blessed one, a wonderful one. It brings me joy to see others smile at Taylor. It warms my heart seeing my child grow up into such a sweet, giving, tender-hearted young boy. His zest for life and all the curve balls he has thrown at us, and that we've thrown at him, all seem to be taken in stride so easily. Mister Mellow, oh how we love you.

Taylor Daniel, Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Guy. You are the laughter in our lives and the heart of our family. This is going to be a big year for all of us! A big, fun, awesome year!!


July 15, 2008

Flashback Tuesday

This Flashback Tuesday picture was taken exactly a year ago, today. Taylor was just getting ready to turn one, and was showing off his amazing walking skills. He had just picked up some keys and was feeling really independent, probably getting ready to take our Subaru on a joyride.

In one week my baby is turning two. I am doing much better this year than last year with my baby growing up. I guess I've come to terms with the fact that I can't slow it down. He is growing up into such a sweetheart.

Happy Flashback Tuesday Everyone!!

July 8, 2008

Flashback Tuesday

It's that time again - Flashback Tuesday. Sorry we haven't been blogging much these days, but Taylor isn't really happy unless we are outside, so that's what we've been up to. This picture is from last August, when Taylor was just about to turn 13 months old. An oldie but a goodie. He took his refrigerator magnets very seriously back then, as you can tell. We're off to enjoy the weather today, but check back, I'll post on all three blogs this evening hopefully.

We hope everyone is having a safe and fun-filled summer.

PS: Taylor was almost 10 months old in that last post. Who was closest? Give yourself a high five and an in-the-air chest bump!!

July 1, 2008

Happy Flashback Tuesday, Everyone!! We hope today is a lovely one, as always. Doesn't this picture look a little like the post that was just done yesterday with his tongue out? Sassy boy!!

Who wants to guess how old he is here? It was during a 'chunky' and 'round' phase? Go ahead and guess...