July 30, 2008


Taylor and I just spent 45 minutes outside looking for bugs. Once we found some ants, we were in business! This kid loves bugs. Loves them! His Nana got him a bug vacuum for his birthday, and last night he caught his first spider! Very exciting. When we were done looking at him we put him outside in the flowers. Taylor even said good bye, and then proceeded to bother his web.

While we were outside on our bug search we found dragonflies. Taylor wasn't too sure about them, and thought they were birds. So he started clapping his hands and yelling 'hey, bird!' over and over. (That is his bird call that he frequently uses on our patio when birds fly by - it never works). He also thought the butterflies were birds, too, and flies. So I am guessing anything with wings will be called a bird for awhile.

I had to peel him off the sidewalk to come inside after 45 minutes. He needed a diaper change and I needed to get the house straightened up before we go have dinner at Aunt Michelle's. Wait, I still haven't cleaned. Better go do that now.

Taylor sends his love and special bird calls. Later we'll discuss his new move, the "gator chomp". Just for you, Skye and Joe!!


Jill said...

B's obsessed with bugs too! Endless entertainment when one finds it's way into our house! I love the idea of a bug vacuum! You're an endless source of ideas!

Egghead said...

You write so well about the adventures of Taylor. It makes me feel I am right there looking in. Hope that is not too creepy!