July 31, 2008

Taylor's Peepers

Good Morning!

Taylor had his eye appointment and dilation this morning (appointment was one hour and forty-five minutes!). His left eye is still turning in at near distances, and he is VERY, VERY farsighted. He also has an astigmatism in his left eye.

The doctor is strengthening his Rx a bit, and adding bifocals. We are hoping that this works for him. She is giving him 2 months. If his eye is still turning in, it will have to come to surgery, as after bifocals, there isn't any other options for him. Even after surgery he will still need glasses, which comforts me because I am so used to him in glasses, it wouldn't be the same!

So I guess we'll wait and see. The clinic is cutting his lenses and he should have them soon. His poor eyes are huge from dilation, so we're hanging out at home in the dark since the light is really irritating him. The doctor and technician are so wonderful with him and such a blessing, despite his sassy demeanor today. He did not want his eyes fiddled with.

I am grateful Trask could come. His next appointment is Thursday, September 25th, so we'll know more then. The doctor said getting used to the bifocals will make Taylor more clumsy (is that possible??), so I am really nervous about the stairs, playground, etc.

Anyway, there's the update.


Jill said...

Poor little man! I hope this all gets worked out pretty soon! We love our TayTay (b's name for him)!!!!

Sara said...

oh boy! I hope his eyes improve and that he doesn't have any trouble playing, bug hunting or bird calling. I think he's going to be the next Jack Hanna.

Egghead said...

Oh poor little guy. I am hoping this will be what works but even if he has to have surgery things will work out. He is in our prayers.