July 24, 2008

Guess his weight...

Well, today is Taylor's 2-year check-up with his pediatrician and his Nana Gail is going to accompany me this morning. His appointment is at 10:30, so if anyone else wants to predict his height and weight, you have until 11 or so today. I will post his 'stats' once we get home and settled after having his favorite lunch.

Taylor has always been a picky eater - always. This is what I love about him, he's a challenge. When he decides he likes a food though, I just go with it. So now his most favorite meal lately is all-beef hot dogs (Hebrew Nationals, in particular), and blueberries. I think nothing of this combination, but it gets him to eat, so hotdogs and blueberries he shall have. And yes, he still has his obsession with green beans - which is fine, and easy enough for me.

Taylor has been pretty excited because he knows his Grammie is coming up for a few days and he's ready and raring to go! Now I just have to find a way to distract him today until she gets here!

Okay, we'll check in later and give the doctor's official height and weight when we return.

Love you all!!

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Jill said...

A repeat of my earlier guess:

32lbs, 6oz
36 and 1/4 inches

Let me be right...let me be right...let me be right...let me be right...

and a new comment:
I love Taylor and his little obsessions!! And Byron is TOTALLY obsessed with hotdogs right now, too! So we buy this HUGE package of turkey dogs (that are actually really yummy! I oink on them too!) so he'll at least have some sort of healthy benefit from scarfing down 3 or 4 at a time... :) "Noo-noos" (noodles) are the other big obsession, and I'm pretty much to the point that you are--as long as he's eating, I don't care anymore! And he's not a 300 pound 2 year old, so I think we're safe for now!