July 29, 2008

Taylor's Chores

Taylor loves to help around the house - I mean, what toddler doesn't? But there are a few chores that Taylor absolutely loves to do, so much so that if he sees me or Trask doing them, he freaks out, gets offended and then well, a tantrum usually follows. He learned this from his dad.

Taylor loves to feed the dog. He proudly takes Maddie's kibbies from the hall closet in a scoop and puts them nicely in her bowl. He wants her to eat them all on the spot, but he's learning that Maddie is a bit scared to eat when he's near.

Watering the plants on the back patio is another favorite. A tantrum ALWAYS follows this chore because he can't stop watering the flowers and thinks he needs more and more and more refills of water in his toucan watering can. This is a scary chore.

I can't wait to teach him to make his bed. And then mine.

Also, on Thursday Taylor has another eye appointment to re-evaluate his prescription. He is right on the line of needing surgery, so the doctor wanted to give him time to see if he'd go one way or the other. Please pray for us at this eye appointment. It's a long appointment, and difficult for toddlers to hold still for that long. I will keep everyone updated when we find out more at the appointment. If anyone needs a great eye doctor, please let me know, because Taylor has one of the finest around!


Jill said...

Man, I need to teach B to water my flowers, then maybe they'd still be alive. I'm horrible at keeping anything alive. And I'll be praying for Taylor and his appointment tomorrow! By the way, we love the picture you sent, Byron calls him "Tay-tay!"

Carrie Hutchings said...

I'll be praying for that eye appointment....hope it goes well.

Egghead said...

Taylor looks so grown up in this photo. No wonder he takes his chores so seriously.